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block42’s contribution to the ICON network

Jasa Srot
Jasa Srot
May 5 · 5 min read

We believe more transparency among P-Reps regarding their contributions in a delegated proof of contribution system is important. This way the community can decide which teams bring the most value to the ecosystem and reward them accordingly.


We believe development and marketing are both important for a network to flourish. One provides applications and tools, while the other provides users to use them. block42 is focusing on the development side and we want to provide more possibilities and options for users to do on the ICON network as well as provide tools that help users understand and see what is going on the blockchain itself.
Here is a list of our already developed tools:

Our list of projects we are currently still working on can be found in our ICON Roadmap:

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This tool allows users to calculate their rewards for staking and voting as well as the differences between rewards if the user restakes and takes advantage of the compound interest. It also provides some basic information about the staking on the network like the amount of ICXstaked, reward rate, and the un-staking Period.

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The whale watcher presents data about delegation in a visually easy to understand way and with that brings transparency to the delegation changes of wallets, this is especially important to see how bigger wallets (or whales) act.

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As an additional tool to the whale watcher, we have decided to provide a bot that sends a notification when a larger amount of delegation change is made. This way any suspicious delegation changes can be seen by the community faster and they can act accordingly.

Currently still being developed LICX is the basis for our DeFi solutions as it is an IRC2 representation of staked ICX. This way users can stake their ICX and it can still be connected to any future DeFi solutions we provide to maximize the returns upon the investment. As an IRC2 token LICX is transferable even if it represents staked ICX and could be utilized by other DeFi creators and Dapps providers.

We believe that in the future the blockchain will be used in our everyday lives, so we are developing a smart city application that will run on the ICON network. Relevant objects will be made uniquely identifiable by labeling them with NFC transponders, which will have a crypto function and can sign a transaction on the blockchain. This will ensure tamper-proof documentation of any service or inspection for the objects.

We are building upon the Bridge project to allow non-crypto users to use blockchain services build on the ICON network. It will allow Dapp providers to implement a pleasant, seamless, and user-friendly experience for those that do not have a lot of experience with blockchain technology. By allowing more users to join the network it is possible for more usage of the ICON network and thus bringing more value to it.

Each day we strive to bring the best tools for the users, that’s why when a great idea for existing tools is presented or if the feedback from the community suggests any changes for the tools, we want to make sure that we update the tools regularly so that they will be as user friendly and as functional as possible. In the end, we know that the tools we provide are only useful if they are used by the community.

Blog posts

We are providing education and information to the community you can see all of our blog posts regarding the ICON network here.

Because we believe the community is a big part of the ecosystem we want to help them in using existing tools with ease. One of the most common things in the ICON ecosystem is staking and voting, we have provided our ICON P-rep Voting guide and our ICX unstaking guide for that purpose.
Without nodes securing the network there is no blockchain our guide on how to set up an ICON P-rep we provide that information to anyone who wishes to run a node on the ICON network in a simple step by step guide.

We want to be as transparent as possible with our funds that is why we do transparency reports and regularly publish updates on all of our project development (example of our latest whale watcher update and our LICX update). This allows any voter to decide if our P-rep is worthy of their votes.

We feel that discussion is important for progress as different points of view might make us think in a completely new way. That’s why we have provided some blog posts that do exactly that and even had a mini-series (that we will continue upon) called ICON for thought as well as some other posts like this one.

ICON Europe

One of our initiatives is ICON Europe where we try to set up a collaboration of European P-reps to strengthen ICON’s presence in this area. On the 20th of May, we will have a webinar for ICONists to learn about the ICON ecosystem and how to get involved with it. In the future, we plan to do more events (webinars, live meetups, gatherings…) and if the funds allow us to do it we want to offer grants to European teams to develop on ICON blockchain.

Website, Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn, Telegram

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block42 is a blockchain solution provider developing applications on top of most recognized blockchain frameworks like e.g. Ethereum, Hyperledger, ICON, and many more.


We envision a world of shared prosperity.

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