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ICON Use Case — STIN Progress Report #3

To provide transparency amongst our community on the progress of the STIN project we will regularly publish reports focussing on the development process. If you want to check out the recent progress report, you will find it here.


The redesign of the apps is finished and we are proud to present you some final screenshots:

Screenshots of the iOS App

Moreover the landing page is finished and only needs to be pushed to the domain. The following picture gives you a sneak peak on the landing page 🤫

Sneak peak on the landing page

Other important news

We are proud to announce, that the STIN DISTILLER’S CUT will be available for purchase from next week on!

What’s next?

In the course of this week, the bottles will be finalised and the contactless chips will be attached. As soon as this step is done, we can publish the list with all the bottles on the blockchain.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter or follow The STIN on Instagram, if you don’t want to miss any news regarding the availability of The STIN DISTILLER’S CUT.

You will be able to order your unique bottle on, so make sure to head there when the sale starts.

If you have any questions join our telegram group we will gladly answer them.

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