How to use OpenSea with Neon District

Matic trading for Neon District assets is now live on!

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10 min readMay 23, 2021


With OpenSea now natively supporting Matic assets, this gives players another option for buy/selling assets in addition to the previously supported While multiple wallets can support Matic assets minted on the Polygon network, this guide will focus on using Metamask, one of the most popular browser wallets.

If you are brand new to the world of blockchain gaming, you can read this helpful guide on getting a Metamask wallet setup. Metamask is a fairly universal wallet that supports many different networks and is supported by most Blockchain Games, not only Neon District. Once you have set up Metamask, you will now have an Ethereum Address that is yours and only you can access, so be sure to safely protect your seed words as without those you could lose access to your wallet if you ever need to restore your wallet for any reason.

Your Ethereum Address is your Matic Address!

they are one in the same. The address you have access to on Ethereum Mainnet, you also have access to that same address on Polygon (Matic) Network from within Metamask.

Neon District currently uses custodial wallets to manage and store players assets within the game. This means when you create an account, a brand new unique wallet is created and tied to your account where all game assets are directly minted. This enables players to trade assets for free between each other knowing nothing more than another players username or owning any Matic/Eth on the Polygon network. However, for players ready to take full ownership of their assets and utilize the trustless trading platform to buy/sell their assets, continue reading below:

Setting up the Matic Network

Once you have Metamask installed on your browser, you will first need to get the Matic Mainnet configured for use on it.

Begin by clicking the Metamask icon in the corner of your browser. From here click the Network dropdown on the top, and select custom RPC from the drop down menu. and

Next, add the following details to to the network info and hit save. You will now switch to this network whenever interacting with the Polygon (Matic) Network.

Securing your game account to enable transfers

Now we will get this new wallet setup on your Neon District account. While it is not required to link this wallet to your game account, it is highly recommended if you wish to continue using the eventual transferred assets within the game. To start, select the profile button in the upper right on the screen.

For account security you will need to enable 2FA on your game account first before being able to link a personal wallet or enable transferring of assets in the game. First you must validate your account by requesting a code to your linked email. Clicking on the link sent to your email will validate your session and allow you to enable 2FA for your account.

Next click Manage 2FA and enter your current password to enable 2FA linking. This will provide you with a QR code to scan with an authenticator app of your choice. One common app choice is google authenticator but you can use any app you are familiar with

Google Authenticator on Android

Google Authenticator on iOS

Your account is now secured. You will be required to enter a 2fa code every time you log into the game, but now have access to all wallet features and transfers.

Note: Do not uninstall the 2fa app after linking to your account. A 2fa code is required every time you log into your account (the code changes every minute so you cannot reuse the code you first logged in with). There is no automatic process to reset your account if you lose access to your 2fa codes and you will be locked out of your account until a manual ownership verification can be completed (this process could take weeks)

Linking a Personal Wallet

Click the Advanced tab and enable Wallet Manager. Enabling this will add a new wallet tab in the options where you can now link a personal wallet to your game account and will now enable advanced transfer options for assets to allow you to send assets to external wallets in the game.

Now click over to the newly added Wallets tab and select Connect New Wallet to link you Eth/Matic Address to the game. Doing this will allow you to continue using assets in the game that you transfer to this wallet. A window will pop up asking you the type of wallet you are connecting, select Metamask, and then sign the message that will pop up in the Metamask window. This signature just confirms to the game that you are the owner of the wallet and does not cost a fee or grant access to your wallet. You are now fully set up and ready to start transferring assets to any other player or wallet.

Transferring assets

Navigating to any Weapon, Armor or Character will show a transfer button at the top. Note: There are two exceptions, you cannot transfer gear that is equipped to a character, and you cannot transfer characters that aren’t level 4 or higher (armor and weapons have no level restrictions)

You will be presented 3 transfer options.

Transfer to User: If the asset is held in your Neon District account wallet, this transfer is free and all you need is another players in game username to transfer to their game account. If the asset is held in an external wallet, you can still transfer to a players game account but will pay a minimal gas fee for the transfer.

Transfer to Matic Address: If the asset is held in your Neon District account wallet, this transfer is free and you can enter any Matic address to send to (most likely your personal wallet). If the asset is already held in an external wallet, you can transfer to any new wallet but will pay a minimal gas fee for the transfer.

Cross-Chain Transfer to Ethereum Wallet: This is the legacy transfer gateway to transfer an asset to Ethereum Mainnet. It is not recommended to use this process anymore now that the game is fully deployed on Polygon and can transfer assets there. If you choose to use this transfer method still, note that starting the process will move your asset into the gateway escrow even if you reject the final wallet approval and will require coming back and finishing the transfer to mainnet to get it out. This will likely incur a high gas fee for this transfer process as it is a mainnet transaction with high gas costs.

September 22, 2021 Update: The Cross-Chain Transfer option is currently down and will not complete a transfer if used. There is currently no ETA on when it will be fixed so only use the first two transfer options until a resolution is in effect

This guide will focus on using the Transfer to Matic Address function to move assets to a personal wallet. Selecting this option will next have you confirm the asset you are moving.

Next, enter the address to your personal wallet and click Send to Address.

And that's it! The game takes care of all transfer fees and transfers the asset from your game wallet to the wallet you specified. If the wallet you sent it to is linked to your game account, you can continue using the asset in game as if nothing has changed.

Transfer FAQs

I followed the guide above yet the transfer button doesn’t show up on my item?
This is most likely due to the fact the item hasn’t been minted yet. You can tell if your item has been minted based on if it has the Matic Logo showing next to its rarity.

It’s been X time and my item still hasn’t minted?
Both the Polygon network and the ND minting queue are under constant heavy load. The network has seen a 100x increase in usage since the transfer system was designed and ND has seen incredible player growth with over 50k registered players (At the time of writing this, there are over 30k unminted items the minting queue is trying to process). Work is being done to improve this mint process as much as possible and catch the system up. If your item hasn’t minted for a few days, there is a chance the transaction didn’t process properly. The current focus is trying to bring the minting queue up to date before tackling these outliers and determining why they didn’t mint on first pass.

My item is minted, I transferred it as per the guide, the system said transfer successful, but my item didn’t arrive?
To simplify the user flow, when submitting an item for transfer, the “transaction successful” message simply means the item has been submitted to the queue for transfer and the game hides the part from your inventory while waiting for the polygon network to complete the transfer behind the scenes. This whole process would have normally taken less than a minute to complete behind the scenes up until recently. However, both mint and transfer requests go through the same queue, which has come under increased heavy load (as mentioned above). The team is working to find a solution to get the queue up to date and improve the mint/transfer process to eliminate these delays in the future. The good news is your item is not lost when you submit it to transfer, it is just temporarily hidden from your inventory and you can get it to reappear through a hard refresh in your browser.

What can I do if my item hasn’t minted/transferred?
Unfortunately the only thing you can do is wait at this time for the queue to get to your item and mint/transfer it. This can be anywhere from a few hours to a few days to complete, but until a new mint/transfer system is developed and built, waiting is the only solution.

Using the Opensea Market

Now that you have assets in your personal wallet, you are free to trade or sell that nft, as you own it. To view these assets on Opensea, you can navigate to and search for your wallet address in the search bar which will bring up your wallet and show everything that's in it on both Mainnet and Matic networks.

Assets that reside on the Matic Network will show the Matic Logo icon in the bottom left, while items on Mainnet will have no icon.

To get started selling assets on Opensea, log into your wallet using the wallet icon in the upper right and select MetaMask.

Once logged in click on the profile icon and click on My Profile to bring up your wallet view.

Click on the asset you wish to list for sale

Click the sell button in the upper right of this page

Enter the amount you wish to sell your asset for and hit Sell.

If this is the first time you are selling a Neon District Season 1 item you will need to unlock the currency by signing a message (only need to do this once). Once the message is approved, you can then sign the message to list your asset for sale.

Congratulations, your asset is now listed for sale! If for any reason you wish to change the price or remove the listing, click the cancel listing button in the upper right and sign a message to remove the asset from sale and relist for a new price.