Neon District epic collaboration with Battle Racers and Light Trail Rush!

Neon District
Dec 11, 2019 · 4 min read
Get hyped for the most epic collaboration this side of blockchain

In a special event starting right now, December 12, 2019 8:30PM GMT+8 (7:30AM EST / 1:30PM CET), we are dropping the first ever Neon District asset that works across three epic blockchain games! We’re collaborating with Battle Racers and Light Trail Rush to release a very limited edition asset that is usable in all three games. These swords will be sold via a Loot Box for around $25 USD or 0.17 ETH and will each contain a variation of the Radiant Blade, the newest Neon District weapon!

To jump right ahead to the buyer’s page, visit the Neon District Radiant Blade Loot Box sale page!!

We are also teaming up with OpenSea to be the first team deploying their brand new “OpenSea Chest”, the new ERC-1155 Loot Box contract from OpenSea, the largest marketplace for crypto collectibles backed on the Ethereum blockchain.

In Battle Racers, this sword will activate a Neon Undercarriage Lighting for the bodies of the special cars in the Battle Racers Season 1 fleet: Binance SafuBolt, Vista Cartel, and Guerilla Cyber. This new lighting will be available if you own assets from both Neon District and Battle Racers!

Battle Racers Cybertruck plus Neon Underlighting from the Radiant Blade

We’re also integrating the Radiant Blade in Light Trail Rush! We’re excited to work with them to release a special Neon District-themed Goliath ship, which is now available, and you can buy them here! The ship looks amazing:

The Neon District-themed Goliath for Light Trail Rush, available now!

The Goliath ship is the most shock resistant ship in the Light Trail Rush fleet. Master the laws of gravity with the Neon District corporate “Yume” Goliath ship. It’s recommended for beginners to intermediate players who like a lot of brawling while racing for first place!

When you own both the Neon District-themed Goliath and a Radiant Blade, your ship will emit a special hologram from above the ship’s cockpit. We haven’t decided what the final hologram will be yet, but we do have an early hologram prototype showcasing an appropriately Outrun-themed palm tree.

Prototype for the Radiant Blade hologram available for the Neon District Goliath in Light Trail Rush

These Radiant Blades will be minted with these rarities and probabilities:

  • Common (47.00%)
  • Uncommon (28.00%)
  • Rare (15.35%)
  • Utra Rare (8.25%)
  • Legendary (1.40%)

There are 50 total sword variations (10 of each rarity) that can be dropped and will be available for a limited time only, as the sale will be frozen the moment that a total of 10 Legendary swords are discovered. From our tests, that means that anywhere from 350 to 1,400 swords could be discovered — but we don’t know when the final Legendary will be found!

All fifty variations of the Radiant Blade

Battle Racers is also giving a special prize to the first person to assemble a complete Guerilla Cyber set from now until December 20, 2019 10PM GMT+8 (9AM EST), or until all crates have been sold. Check out the Battle Racers Season 1 Loot Box sale at

Light Trail Rush has opened up their playable beta, and you should check it out! Sign up to get your Steam key at

And lastly, Battle Racers and Light Trail Rush also have another collaboration going on right now! Light Trail Rush has released a special ship for Battle Racers fans, which you can buy here!

Battle Racers-themed Light Trail Rush ship

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Blockade Games

Blockade Games specializes in integrating blockchain…

Blockade Games

Blockade Games specializes in integrating blockchain, puzzles, and games to create experiences that transcend the digital world. Currently in production of

Neon District

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Neon District is a cyberpunk RPG with assets that evolve through play, crafting, and achievement on the blockchain

Blockade Games

Blockade Games specializes in integrating blockchain, puzzles, and games to create experiences that transcend the digital world. Currently in production of

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