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Neon District epic collaboration with Battle Racers and Light Trail Rush!

Get hyped for the most epic collaboration this side of blockchain
Battle Racers Cybertruck plus Neon Underlighting from the Radiant Blade
The Neon District-themed Goliath for Light Trail Rush, available now!
Prototype for the Radiant Blade hologram available for the Neon District Goliath in Light Trail Rush
  • Common (47.00%)
  • Uncommon (28.00%)
  • Rare (15.35%)
  • Utra Rare (8.25%)
  • Legendary (1.40%)
All fifty variations of the Radiant Blade
Battle Racers-themed Light Trail Rush ship

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Neon District

Neon District is a cyberpunk RPG with assets that evolve through play, crafting, and achievement on the blockchain