Neon District: Retribution Guide

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4 min readJan 28, 2021


Retribution is here! This update brings the last critical piece to the gameplay loop for Neon Pizza. With this update, power is given back to delivery teams as they now have the ability to open hit contracts against other teams that successfully ambush them. A hit contract that is successfully fulfilled and closed will steal 100% of the targets currently unfenced goods and split them evenly between the contract employer and successful hitman. Read our guide below to get started opening and fulfilling hit contracts.

Opening a Hit Contract

Begin by opening your Delivery Agents page from the Neon Pizza Dropdown. From here you can see if you have been ambushed recently and if the opposing team was successful or not. You can only open a hit contract against the team that successfully ambushed your delivery team and you can open a hit contract for each ambush even if it was the same team on a different delivery. Clicking the View button highlighted above will bring you to the ambush results page.

From this page, you can watch a battle replay of the ambush, see how much Neon they were successfully able to steal, or now you can Open New Hit Contract.

This is the Hit Contract page where the info is private by default. As a player you can choose to share a direct link to this contract page privately with other team members so the target team doesn’t catch wind of your plot. Or you can choose to make the hit contract public, which will publish this contract to the Informant Network where anyone can view it and make an attempt to close it. As a final note, hit contracts are only valid for 8 hours from the time of the initial successful ambush

A player can monitor the status of their contracts from the Criminal Activity section. Here you can see the outcome of any contract that has had an attempt on them.

Clicking on a contract with a Successful Hit will show you its outcome. If the Target Team had any unfenced goods to steal, it will appear here how much both the employer and hitman each received.

Fulfilling and Closing a Hit Contract

There are a few things to note about fulfilling and closing a Hit Contract:

It is free to attempt to fulfill a hit contract, so there is no penalty in trying to fulfill your own contract or any other contracts you see.

While free, there is a 1 hour cooldown before you can attempt that specific contract again (other players can still use that contract while you are on cooldown). You can, however, try to hit the same team on a different contract.

You cannot see how much illicit goods the Target Team has unfenced before attempting the Hit. If you succeed, and it turns out they had nothing to steal, the contract is considered fulfilled and is still closed. If the Target Team has unfenced goods, you will steal 100% of the goods and split it evenly between the employer and yourself, the hitman. (If you are both the employer and the hitman, all 100% of those goods are yours)

There are two ways players can get a contract to attempt a hit. The first is privately from another player or teammate using the private link the Contract Employer provides. The second way is to use the Informant Network, where any player looking for open contracts to fulfill can check out contracts that have been shared publicly. On this page you can view details about any hit contract and gather intel about the team before attempting a hit. As a reminder it is free to attempt a hit and there is no penalty if you fail. If you are successful as a hitman, you will see how much illicit goods (if any) the Target Team had to steal on the outcome page where it will show how much you, as the hitman, and the employer each received.