Season One Loadout: Intermission, trading, and a special surprise

Neon District
Nov 17, 2019 · 3 min read
It all comes full circle with Neon District: Season One

We’ve reflected on the first four weeks of the Season One Loadout, and we’ve heard a lot of your thoughts and suggestions since we opened up the Neon District Portal a month ago, and we’re taking your feedback into thoughtful consideration.

The most important things we’ve heard are: (1) you want more exclusive assets and value out of the Season One Loadout items, and (2) you want to start trading them right now.

So here’s what we’re doing this week:

First thing: we’re taking an Intermission this week. There will not be a new asset drop, but instead we’re readjusting our marketing and sale focus, and changing our course just a little bit before we resume the asset drops on Saturday, November 23rd.

Second thing: we’re extending the Loadout sale, to spread out the distribution of new asset drops. There will be two more weeks added to the end of the sale leading up to the Season One launch, and in the single weeks when we had two armor sets dropping, we’re going to spread out to two separate weeks.

The above two changes gives us more time to build up excitement, take more care into marketing the sale, and scale up as we prepare for the Season One release.

And now, the super exciting stuff…

Third thing: we’re announcing First Edition assets. For anyone who buys loot boxes and receives items during the first week of release, these assets will be forever classified as “First Edition” assets, showing that you received one of the very first minted items on release. All of the currently purchased loot box items will all be labeled first edition.

Fourth thing: during the Intermission week, from now until November 23rd, every single item in the loot boxes will be First Edition. We’re giving you time to catch up and get the items you want as First Edition if you’re missing any armor or weapons that are really important to you. After November 23rd, only the newly released items will be First Edition.

Fifth thing: as long as everything works as planned, we’re opening up Season One assets to trading on Ethereum this Friday, November 22nd. The transfer gateway is operational on Ethereum’s testnet, Rinkeby, and Loom’s testnet, Extdev, and we’re entering extensive testing right now. More details to come on this shortly.

And one more thing:

We’ve received this request a lot, since the early days of Blockade Games. And we have been contemplating when and how would be the best time to do this.

Starting Saturday, November 23rd, we’re dropping the original Neon District character armor sets that were developed between 2017 and 2018, and we are releasing them one week at a time. They will all be Legendary, First Edition, they will be dropped via the Loot Boxes, and they will only be available for one week each.

We’re starting with the armor for the Death Knight, also known as The Architect.

The OG bad ass characters are coming to Neon District Season One

Diego Rodriguez, our co-founder from 2017 and the original Neon District character artist, is designing the armor set right now, and we will share it with you as soon as it’s ready. It will only be available between November 23rd through November 30th.

Get hyped - things are heating up in Neon District.

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