How The Winklevoss Twins took became the highest Bitcoin holders?

World’s first Bitcoin Billionaires

Winklevoss Twins is the name that does not pop out in a regular cereal bread conversation. But once you are done reading this, you will wonder why that is so. These twin brothers are the highest Bitcoin holders in the world. No one on this planet owns more coins than they do. Cameron and Tyler are no longer known by their first names. Their market decisions have made them the famous brothers who might one day be the richest people on the planet.

When asked in an interview they said that all they plan as of now is to invest the funds they have accumulated and wait for the right time to convert it into dollars. Since they are very progressive, they also believe in the increasing worth of cryptocurrency and from time to time spend it for some things. From time and again they talk about how when you buy Ethereum, Ripple or any other cryptocurrency it works towards a progressive future. Let’s find out more about them!

Who are they?

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss; commonly known as The Winklevoss Twins are American rowers by profession. They are also known as successful entrepreneurs. The brothers claimed they owned nearly 1% of all bitcoin in existence at the time. When researched further that claim turned out to be true. Other than being Harvard graduates they are also known for participating in 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Ass founders of ConnectU they sued Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook over 65 million dollar lawsuit. That is when they gained most of their popularity.

How they got into investing so much in the digital asset?

After suing Mark Zuckerberg over millions of dollars, rather than wasting out their earned reward they used that money to convert themselves into Bitcoin billionaires. These brothers gave Bitcoin trading a whole new definition.

The Winklevoss twins own the largest position among all of the cryptocurrency investors in the whole world and current increment in the cryptocurrency’s value have made them billionaires. Less than four years back they invested 11 million USD which has now grasped the value of over one Billion. In a TV interview, they have also said that cryptocurrency is more than capable of hiking its value 40 times of what it is now.

Their business instinct and smartness has got them to heights that people only dream of. Winklevoss twins launched a financial index that tracks the price of cryptocurrencies in 2014. It was called Windex. Later that year they also bought seats in Virgin Galactic. It is a commercial spaceflight project which aims to take space tourists outside earth.

In 2013, the Winklevoss twins had 11 million USD in Bitcoins at 120 dollars a coin. And today the same amount is worth over a billion dollars.

The first Bitcoin billionaires

The twin brothers who famously sued Mark Zuckerberg witnessed a 10,000 % rise in their investment value of Bitcoin. Taking their rise to a ten digit net worth is no gameplay. The market capitalization is their primary focus to drive. They must be waiting for greater heights with cryptocurrency for it to reach multiple times of what the current value is.

When asked they showed no more interest in rowing anymore. To them, entrepreneurship and business are all that matters. They put all their time and effort into building their business and taking their billionaire dreams forward. These twins are a true inspiration to any cryptocurrency enthusiast. People in no way should doubt the value of cryptocurrency. It is definitely the future and has more growth determined in the coming days.