Block Array Masternode & Roadmap Details

Details on our masternode deployments and our updated 3 month development roadmap

Master Nodes

Primary (1) will contain the underlying consensus protocol (RBFT)¹. These will be validating peers committing changes to the global ledger.

Secondary (2) will contain non-validating peers. and the ordering service. They will also host the Membership Service Authority

Heartbeart (3) will contain the service mesh for all nodes. These services include NTP for time-synchrony, service discovery and observability.

Primary: 40,000 ARY
Secondary: 22,500
Heartbeat: 7,500

In the chart you will see a column called “ARY Thaw”. For the corresponding masternode level you will get those tokens released from the initial stake after 2 months.

Preliminary Reward Schedule

Masternode Rewards

The earn rate is the bonus paid out in ETH that comes included in your payout for your hosting costs.

For example if you spent $200 in hosting cost for one month you would receive ($200 * 1.0425) = $208.5 worth of ETH paid to cover hosting costs.

For now payout cycles will occur every other week for “Bonus” and once a month for hosting costs. You will have a web dashboard to manage your node, see its uptime, see rewards earned, manage your payout wallet and more.

You must go through a KYC Process. We will most likely use for this.

You will only be able to host 1 node. You will also receive a 1099 Tax Form.

Available slots is a preliminary number, and will change depending on initial network needs.

Hosting for now is only open to the following countries:

E.U. Member Countries
New Zealand 

Additional Countries will be able to operate, but will happen in June:

South Korea

More countries will be added, but these are the preliminary ones.

Approved Hosting Providers:

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud
Digital Ocean

If you are hosting a node and want to stop, your tokens will be unlocked after 7 days. We are working to make this 100% legally compliant and some things might change (in terms of implementation, not payouts or tiers.).

Tokens will be staked in a smart contract or your own wallet. If we end up using the wallet-based approach there will be some adjustments made.

We will provide an in-depth tutorial on hosting a node along with a support desk for issues and service help.

Updated Roadmap details

A 12 month roadmap will be released by June 5th, &

These websites are part of our brand re-alignment. We feel having industry specific domain names will help in the sales process to businesses and individuals.

As always we are happy to answer any questions that you may have, please join our Discord and ask your questions in the appropriate feedback channels!

¹RBFT stands for Redundant Byzantine Fault Tolerance. As of right now this is the protocol of choice. We are still testing an implementation of Tendermint