“Weekend” update 2/13/18

  1. New website migration has begun www.blockarray.com (http://02dn5.hosts.cx/ if that link does not work). Filler content is on there — we will add actual content tomorrow!
  2. New hire! We like to welcome Zach K. We will have an interview with him in 2 weeks as he transitions to his new position. He is a front-end developer and will be focusing on refining the mobile application. A lot of the input we have gotten from the small pilot study will be used in terms of the User Experience and adding new features.
  3. We are negotiating with 2 more developers as well. Both have extensive experience in development
  4. New office is coming along with furniture coming in tomorrow (finally).
  5. Speaking with a firm to help recruit an industry veteran who would have extensive knowledge in SCM/Logistics
  6. We have updated the Reddit with more auto-mod rules, new theme, and will also update Medium/Twitter to be inline with our branding guide
  7. We would also like to say that we appreciate everyone that has been patient with us: We will begin rolling out more social media engagements (interviews with YouTube Channels, articles, etc) once we have settled into our new work space (and we will post pictures)!

If you have any questions please feel free to msg either Sam or Yuri on Telegram!

Thank you!