Weekly Update 1/22/17

Bonuses should be done by tonight — please e-mail us: support@blockarray.com and include your wallet that you contributed from if you have not gotten your bonus.

  1. New Website in progress, and that does include a new logo, branding guide, and graphics. The website can be found here: http://blockarraywebsite.online/
    please note: content, colors, graphics, etc are place holders — the color scheme will change and additional graphics will be added. This is just a wireframe with a basic color scheme for now
  2. We are attending NEO DevCon 1 in San Francisco January 30th! 
     We will be making an announcement @ NEO DevCon 1 about a partnership!
  3. We are joining Trusted IoT Alliance!
  4. We will be in Nashville, Wednesday attending the TN House Business and Utilities Committee hearing on Blockchain Technology. We will not be making a public presentation but you can watch the hearing through this link: http://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/apps/videowrapper/default.aspx?CommID=820000
  5. New hire: COO, Will Jones
  6. We are moving into a new, bigger office! We will post some videos in the coming weeks and include a developers update in the video!
  7. We are hiring 3 developers right now and are in the process of preparing their paperwork (benefits, payroll, etc). They bring a lot of expertise and we are excited to be working with them!
  8. Yuri will be in charge of social media (telegram, reddit, twitter, etc) for now.
  9. Sam is getting a hair cut
  10. Join our Discord


Thank you for being patient with us, we will have more news and be more active on social media as we gear up.