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Logan King
Jan 8, 2021 · 5 min read
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So here we are, the first post on BlockBaroners Medium page! Hi, my name’s Logan and I run the show here.

Since this is literally the Hello World post about BlockBaroners, I guess it is apt to discuss the basics — the ‘WWW’ requirement for a brand to exist;

Who we are?
What we do?
Why do we exist?

(This is a long overdue topic)

I am Logan King and I am from India, and you guessed it right! That is not my real name, but it is my professional pseudonym. However I am also known as Legendster across many websites and social media platforms (if not all of them).

My career in cryptocurrencies began on Steam, yes the gaming platform. A friend that went with the nick ‘BioToxin’ first told me about Bitcoins back in 2012. And I was hooked from day 1!

Years go by and I am in and out of crypto every now and then, but I wasn’t hardcore into it like I was in the early years. I made a full time return to crypto in the middle of 2017, just in time to catch that epic bubble!

Ever since then, I have worked with multiple big and small projects as bounty manager, assistant to other bounty managers, handled airdrops, worked as ghostwriters about cryptocurrencies for many published authors, dabbled a bit in technical analysis of chart movements, etc — you name it, I’ve done it.

My first big breakthrough happened with TaTaTu when I handled their airdrop and worked with them for about a month. My involvement was small but months later, it landed me a tiny mention in a Coindesk article. And that little mention in turn landed me the gig that I hold very proudly close to my heart, my tenure with Vsystems as the Community Ambassador. From here, I’ve made enough connections and landed another full time role as a Community Specialist at Magicfew. And although there have been few other professional crypto-centric involvements, but I wouldn’t go into all those details to bore you guys, this after all, is not my resume.

So why did I go through that rant about my career in crypto?

Because I believe that for a community to succeed, which BlockBaroners intends to be, I have to create a clear and concise history about the people that are behind it. At the moment that is me. Not a founder or creator of a inorganic organization, but rather the man who intends to be behind the survival of a living and breathing community.

And that brings me to…

Who we are?

BlockBaroners is a crypto community that started as a humble Telegram chat with the name of ‘Unofficial Bitcointalk Expatriates’ — a crypto chat group for people exclusively from Bitcointalk. Later on when I decided to broaden the audience base, I renamed it to ‘Crypto Lovers Worldwide [CLW]’… a rather unimaginative name, I know.

The group initially had only a few hundred members but today we’re over 6000! So now, I’ve finally decided to make this group more professional and more appealing to not just the serious crypto investors but also to the overall Blockchain development community.

BlockBaroners intends to be a crypto-community that fosters discussions on Cryptocurrencies, DeFi ecosystems, Blockchain technologies and their various applications across industries.

What we do?

In addition to being a crypto-community, BlockBaroners also intends to be an advertising agency. The community that exists would be the native audience that any crypto or blockchain project can expose themselves to.

This Medium publication page, the upcoming website and its other social media handles are all different communities but under one brand. It means when a project advertises with us, they don’t limit themself to a single platform.

Do we sell our audiences ads that they don’t want to see?

Yes and No.
BlockBaroners has fostered and grown a community on its own accord and I respect my group mates — the audience’s preferences. When I allow any project to advertise to the crowd that I have curated over such a long time it won’t be just because of money. It would be always and only be because I think that those projects have merit.

Hey I’ve gotta make the payrolls some how eh? I promise, no shitcoins!

Why do we exist?

So if you made it to this part, you’re probably wondering why does BlockBaroners even need to exist? Aren’t there enough crypto news and media outlets already? I mean this ‘brand’ doesn’t even have a proper logo yet!

The straight answer to that is no.

Sure, there are great publications out there that share exclusive crypto and blockchain related news but not many are actually taken seriously. Most of these platforms are rationalized and focus on a particular country or perhaps focus on only the big money makers.

I feel, the true nature of blockchain is not only to be decentralized, immutable and trustless, but also to be inherently democratic. And I think many of you reading this would agree with this viewpoint. There is nothing more democratic than the press — the voice of the people.

But there’s a deeper reason for our existence, a reason strong enough to shun me and my community the instant I publish this story. But, I’ll say it anyway.

The core problem I’d like to tackle with BlockBaroners is to tackle the bias which paid media creates. It takes only a few thousand dollars to buy shilling packages, or positive reviews and press release articles. The influencers that so many people follow simply shill projects which pays them the highest amount of money. This makes me cringe! I like to write and yes, I like to get paid when I write, but I do not want to write shit that I do not believe in.

I am not a journalism student, and I do not hold any grand illusions of morality that argues for an independent press that is free of the influences of money. I get the reality we live in, I understand the cut throat competition this market creates. To survive as a business, businesses need to make money, and in a highly competitive market, news outlets, blogs, etc — basically independent press that start out as passion projects often lose their way, get too thirsty and start shilling for projects and services which they themselves do not condone.

If I’m being honest, BlockBaroners isn’t here to stop all that, I would be kidding myself if I said that, but I am creating this brand to make a difference.

BlockBaroners is a for profit business, but it is much more than that to me .
— Logan K

If I have managed to satisfy the www requirement for a brand to exist. Please help me grow this community.

And the part about BlockBaroners being crypto royalty, well, hopefully I’ll be sharing insightful stuff with you, my community, that should more or less make you the kings and queens of your own little castles anyway.

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A niche community of investors and enthusiasts dabbling in crypto universe.


BlockBaroners — A community of investors, enthusiasts, advisors, and marketers that are interested in new Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency projects.

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Crypto & Blockchain Enthusiast, V Systems Community Ambassador, Marketing and Community Specialist, Gearhead-cum-Biker among a few other things…


BlockBaroners — A community of investors, enthusiasts, advisors, and marketers that are interested in new Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency projects.