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So you’ve heard of us. And you want to publish your content in our publication. Great! We’d love to hear from you.

Please send your submissions to


  1. Article must be at least 600 words +
  2. Article must be a related to Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies and anything in between. Articles about startups, personalities related to these fields are welcome.
  3. Subject of email should read ‘BB_Sub_(insert article name)’
  4. We will only accept maximum 3 submissions per author per month and maximum 1 article submission per email.
    To submit all three of your articles for one month, send us three separate emails.

You can find BlockBaroners on the following platforms :-

Telegram :
Discord : will update later
Facebook : will update later
Website :

Myself :



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Logan King

Logan King

Crypto & Blockchain Enthusiast, V Systems Community Ambassador, Marketing and Community Specialist, Gearhead-cum-Biker among a few other things…