Jose Varatojo & Michael Lynch join’ Healthcare Data Solution

We’re happy to announce that Ze and Mick have joined our team, bringing in fresh ideas, new perspectives and surely a lot of know-how and experience to the business. They will be leading our Healthcare Data Project, which has seen great advancements over the last couple months.

Without wanting to unveil much, our solution has moved towards a platform for GDPR compliance and automation. We are talking with many industry players at the moment and the future looks promising for the first-of-its-kind blockchain implementation in the healthcare sector.

Jose Varatojo | Business Development Manager | Blockbird Ventures

Ze will be heading the business development efforts for our Healthcare Data Solution, being in charge of growth and partnerships. He previously worked as Strategy and Corporate Development Manager at Portuguese startup Indie Campers and was a Management Consultant at Deloitte.

Michael Lynch | Engineering Partner Healthcare | Blockbird Ventures

Mick is an engineer PhD who loves translating ideas into novel products that have a real impact. He has been working in health IT, software development and team management since 2006. Mick will be responsible for product and technology development in our Healthcare Data Solution.

Welcome guys!