BlockBolt Link Payment on Sui Network (Testnet) — Testing Guidelines

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4 min readAug 17, 2023


“Link Payment” is a tool that enables merchants to create payment request links for their customers. Once the link is clicked, the customer will be directed to the Boltpay secure checkout page to make the payment. It works for the entire Sui Network (Testnet).

How do I test ‘Link Payment’?

These are the pre-requisites:

  • Two Sui Wallets — Browser Extension or BlockBolt Payment Protocol Integrated Mobile Wallet
  • Keep $ Sui on Testnet.

Please access the website below to create a payment request link:


  • Sender Address: Customer Wallet address — which will make payment.
  • Receiver Address: Merchant Wallet Address — This address will receive the payment.
  • Select Coin: Select $SUI and Custom Token on SUI Network. The merchant will receive the payment only in the selected coin.
  • Amount: Mention the requested amount.

After confirming all details, please click on “Create Payment Link”. The payment link will then be generated.

You can copy it and share it with your customer.

How to make a payment once received the payment link?

Open the generated payment link,

The customer has two options for making payment,

  1. Pay with Wallet
  2. Pay with QR

Before that,

Sui Wallet Creation

Please navigate to the below website to create a Sui Wallet:

  • Copy the seed phrase of your Sui wallet.

Request Testing Token

Request Sui token — Testnet network

1. Pay with Wallet

BlockBolt Checkout supports the SUI wallet browser extension.

Connect Wallet

After connecting the Sui wallet, proceed with the payment.

Click on’ Pay Now’ and approve the payment.

That’s it!

2. Pay with QR

Please install our application, BlockBolt.

Import Wallet

Once the BoltPay mobile application is successfully installed, then import your Sui wallet using the seed phrase.

Select the ‘Pay with QR’ option on the checkout page.

QR will be generated to make payment.

Please open the BlockBolt mobile application, import your wallet (as mentioned earlier), and scan the QR code to make a payment.

Please scan the QR code that was generated on the checkout page.

Make the payment. The website will display the final status of the payment after it is confirmed on the SUI blockchain.

That’s it!

The process is straightforward and user-friendly. Any attempts to modify payment details will result in rejection by the merchant portal or application. The payment is verified exclusively on the Sui Blockchain from the merchant’s end.

Once the merchant receives the exact requested amount, the payment protocol process comes full circle. There are no loopholes or ways to bypass this system.

BlockBolt is a decentralized payment protocol on the Sui and other blockchains. It offers seamless, secure, and efficient transactions for businesses and consumers, encouraging cryptocurrency adoption. BlockBolt provides an open-source SDK, plug-and-play services, and resources for developers to create or integrate payment solutions.








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