Blockbutler EAD (Early Adopter Discount): Up to 99% Off

We want to reward people who join Blockbutler early in our product development cycle. So we came up with an Early Adopter Discount that reflects the way that investment cycles work — the earlier you join, the greater your discount.

The first 1,000 Blockbutler customers will receive a discount up to 99%.

The Premium plan price will eventually be $60/year, or $5/month.

How the Early Adopter Discount works

Every user that joins will increment the discount by 0.1%.

The 1st user gets a 99.0% discount.

The 2nd user gets a 98.9% discount.

The 3rd user gets a 98.8% discount.

As an Early Adopter, you will be grandfathered into this price for all time as we add new features and expand the product.

That means that first customers who have already joined paid just pennies to get full access to Blockbutler today and all future features.

New Blockbutler functionality is coming

Some of the features on our roadmap include:

  1. The ability to create rules for your notifications — if you only want to be notified when transactions meet certain criteria, e.g. when a transaction is valued greater than $100
  2. Change notification frequency — how often you want to receive a notification for each address
  3. Browser push notifications and webhooks — so you can decide where you want a notification to appear
  4. Transaction categorization — tag transactions on the wallets so you can later reference what each was for
  5. New chain support — monitor for transactions on EOS, Steem, AION, Tezos, and more.
  6. Have a feature suggestion? Email us at

Becoming an Early Adopter now means getting access to these and other features at your locked in discount price.

Blockbutler has a free plan as well

You can absolutely use Blockbutler for free as well.

The Free Plan

Monitor up to 1 address and receive a daily email summary for the transactions on that address.

The Premium Plan

Monitor up to 20 addresses and get real-time transaction notifications for each address.

Getting started is super simple

  1. Create an account here
  2. Copy/paste the Ethereum address to monitor (full list of supported crypto)
  3. Start getting notifications

Questions, comments, suggestions? Please leave a comment below or email us at