Community Update — January 5th, 2018

We look into the exciting year ahead for blockchain technology.

As we continue to build our product and gain momentum in the space, it’s becoming increasingly important for us to engage our community.

This year we’re going to put emphasis into building our presence across the web, including sub-communities such as Reddit and Telegram.

The goal is to make BlockCAT more relevant, accessible and discoverable by individuals and teams who could benefit from our software.

In the spirit of this strategy, we’ve launched two initiatives this week:

  • Launching a BlockCAT Publication on Medium which will allow various members of our team, such as our CEO and our Lawyer, to individually contribute value to our readers (aside from our usual weekly update).
  • Overhauling the BlockCAT Subreddit to ensure the space is accessible, on-brand and up to date with the latest information from our team. We’ve rallied together a few community members to help provide content and moderation; they will help us transform this space over the coming weeks.

Product Development

This week our devs have been focused on backend tweaks for our beta, as well as addressing technical debt from the launch.

A few notes from our dev team:

  • The majority of this time has been in validation, integration and unit testing, continuous integration and preparing tooling for the next phase.
  • Greatly improved testing infrastructure: significant progress has been made on the engineering tools necessary to build great software.
  • Styling and design work. Cleanup dependencies.
  • Improved form components.

Beta Feedback

Since we launched our ERC20 contract simulation, we’ve received loads of feedback from our community — both supportive and constructive.

For example, thanks to the keen eye of Nawab Ali from Telegram, we were able to quickly fix a bug that affected iOS visitors on Safari. Thanks Nawab!

Note: Do you have beta feedback to share with our team? Submit it here!

Community Q&A

As support for new and exciting blockchain technologies advance, we’ve seen an influx of questions about which network we ultimately plan to support.

We strongly believe in the Ethereum Foundation’s vision and they have recently made great progress towards scaling and improving the network.

Most notably with the release of Casper on the testnet, which begins Ethereum’s journey towards Proof of Stake.

We also have Sharding upcoming which will dramatically increase the throughput of the blockchain. In the far future, we also anticipate Plasma will scale transactions into the billions per second.

That being said, we’re always researching new technologies that will help us achieve our goal; making smart contracts accessible to everyone.

If Ethereum cannot keep up with newer blockchains and we calculate that a platform switch would be both economical and beneficial to both our users and the company, it’s something we’ll consider.

Right now though, a dramatic shift like this would delay our platform release substantially, as it would require rebuilding our entire backend from scratch.

Our outlook for 2018

There’s no doubt about it — 2017 was an incredible year for the crypto space.

Not only did we see huge leaps forward in the underlying blockchain technology, but cryptocurrency began going mainstream with an influx of individuals, corporations and publications jumping onboard.

2018 is going to be an incredible year for BlockCAT.

This year we encourage our community to make a collective resolution: to educate, increase awareness, and promote the adoption of #blockchain and #cryptocurrency technology.

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