Community Update — April 20, 2018

A few quick updates to wrap up the work week. 📆

This week our team has been busy polishing a few aspects of Tabby Pay, including the revised user onboarding experience (which is scheduled to go live early next week) and hardware wallet support (Ledger owners rejoice!).

We’ve also been laying out the finer details of both the front and back end of our next smart contract release. One of the things we learned from the launch of Tabby Pay is how important the user experience is for conveying trust and legitimacy, which can have a huge impact on adoption.

Users will no longer get hit with immediate error messages on load.

Tabby Pay works great, but we did receive feedback that the UI was a little confusing for first time users. Our community will be happy to hear that we’re designing the UI for our next contract with this in mind, and we’re putting a huge focus on usability by creating a simple, frictionless user experience.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be reaching out to members of our community to schedule User Testing sessions so we can get feedback and ensure we’re on the right track. If you’re interested in having a virtual meeting with our team to get a sneak peek of our next smart contract, let us know!

We’ll also be updating some elements of the BlockCAT website, including new team photos and links to the Tabby Pay website.

Dev Updates

A handful of updates for both new and existing app functionality.

🐞Bugs Fixed:
+ Fixed bug where autocomplete renders over modals
⏩Continued Development:
+ hardware wallet support
+ remodel app to support code sharing with future contracts
🆕New Development:
+ contract initial UI development and planning
+ allow apps to be built against multiple deployment targets
+ notify user after copying to clipboard
+ escape key to close modals
+ move error reporter into modal
+ many minor changes in regard to sizing, consistency, copy, etc.

One more quick thing…

We just wanted to give a heads up that some of our team members will be out of office next week, including Eric and Justin. While our Dev team is still hard at work, we might be a little quieter than usual in the community.

If you have any issues that are urgent, please reach out to the team directly at:

That’s it for this week! If you have any questions, be sure to join our Discord channel, tweet to us on Twitter or chime in on the /r/BlockCAT subreddit!