Community Update — April 27, 2018

An update from our development team. 💻

Updates -> Tabby Pay

Part of our team has continued development of wrapping up this iteration of Tabby Pay. (While software is never really “done”, we feel that Tabby Pay is at a good point to shift focus to the next major contract).

We’ve been fixing minor issues as they come in, polishing the UI as we’d find things that weren’t quite sitting right, and have been extracting pieces that we intend to share with our other upcoming contracts.

The long awaited Ledger hardware wallet support is complete and working beautifully. We’re going to continue privately beta testing it to ensure the experience is up to snuff before we share it with all of you. 👍

Our Next Contract

The rest of our team has been quietly focusing on preparing a new smart contract and web application to go with it. We’ve had lots of design and modelling sessions, and are continuing to build and refine in tight iterations.

While we aren’t quite ready to announce what the contract does quite yet, we have been applying all of our learnings building and shipping Tabby Pay to make for an even better experience.

It’s coming along nicely, and we’re super excited to share it with you soon.

Dev Notes

A few quick notes about what went on behind the scenes this week.

🐞Bugs Fixed:
+ No longer require currency exchange info or recommended gas prices
+ Fixed issue with old local storage data format
+ Fixed issue with contract-config validation in web app
⏩Continued Development:
+ hardware wallet support
+ remodel app to support code sharing with future contracts
🆕New Development:
+ Building early phases of next contract web app
+ First iteration of next contract is done; shifting to hardening
+ Continued Development
+ Hardware wallets finished, being tested
+ Generalizing many parts of Tabby Pay to be used in next app
+ Faster payment fetching for wallets with lots of payment history
+ Rate limiting for internal service calls (prevents failures)
+ Better back-off policies for 3rd party data fetches
+ Tons of minor visual tweaks to wallet selection process
+ Themed the pop-ups

Editor’s Note

Since a few of us are out of the office this week, today’s update has been brought to you 100% by the dev team. Big shout out to Adrian for putting together a solid weekly update to share with our community. 🙏— Justin

That’s it for this week! If you have any questions, be sure to join our Discord channel, tweet to us on Twitter or chime in on the /r/BlockCAT subreddit!