Community Update — December 13th

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3 min readDec 14, 2017


The wait is over — the official BlockCAT Beta launches today! 🚀

Introducing the BlockCAT Beta

As we’ve mentioned before, the first iteration of our beta will be focused solely on the visual simulation for the ERC20 token creation contract.

Starting today, you can visit our beta app and test out the contract builder to create your very own ERC20 token. The biggest benefit of a simulation is that you don’t need to invest your own tokens to test out our platform.

Note: Most other aspects of our software, except for the ERC20 contract simulation, will be limited in functionality (for now).

The reason we’re approaching our beta this way is so that we can collect real time feedback from our Community, which will allow us to build an entire suite of contracts that are both functional and easy to use.

Our goal is to deploy iterations of the design and share our progress with the Community. Once we have completed this cycle, and we’re happy with the product, we will activate the smart contract functionality.

Community Feedback

To ensure we’re building the best platform possible, we’re looking to our Community to give us suggestions and let us know how we can improve.

We need your feedback to fine tune:

  • UI / UX / navigation
  • Smart Contract visual workflow
  • Bugs, technical hiccups

Your feedback is extremely important to us, so we built a feedback intake system that allows our team to analyze, prioritize and validate every single idea that gets sent our way. So if you have any suggestions of how we can improve the overall experience of our product, please use the link below to share them with our team.

→ → Click here to submit your feedback ← ←

Note: Try to be as detailed as you can, and include screenshots where possible.

How to try the ERC20 Token Simulation

You can give our new platform a try right now. Just head to and select the option for a new ERC20 Token.

→ → Click here to try the ERC20 Token Simulation← ←

Payments are simulated. You don’t need to spend any CAT or Ether.

What to Expect Going Forward

The next couple of weeks are going to be dedicated to collecting as much data as possible. Be sure to stay tuned to our community for the very latest updates from our team.

Lastly, a special thank you to our community members.

We wanted to take a moment to thank our valued community members for the incredible support they’ve shown us during this transition to beta. Our team is truly grateful for the encouragement you’ve given us, and we can’t wait to continue delivering on our promise to build the best platform possible.




BlockCAT lets anyone create, manage, and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain — no programming required.