Community Update — December 8th

We have a lot to talk about this week, so let’s jump straight into it.

Beta Update

I’ll keep this part short and sweet — we’re almost there.

If you remember the Road to Beta post that Eric published back in September, you’ll recall the process we’ve outlined for building, iterating and releasing our first round of smart contracts to the community.

Even though we’ve covered this before, we want to reiterate exactly what users can realistically expect to see from our beta.

  1. The beta release will be a visual contract simulator. We want to get as many people testing our platform as possible, and requiring users to spend their own Ether would vastly limit our testing pool.
  2. The first contract simulation will be the ERC20 token creation. We chose this contract due to it’s rising popularity in the blockchain space.
  3. Your feedback will shape the final product. We’re going to implement a feedback capture system along with the beta to help us understand exactly what we need to improve. This feedback system will consist of user-testing, community voting and iteration sprints.
  4. Once we’ve completed this cycle, and we’re happy with the final product, we’ll deploy live versions that interact with the blockchain. This bit is important. Once we feel that the design, implementation and user experience are up to par, we’ll activate the blockchain functionality.
  5. After we complete the ERC20 contract, we’ll move on to the next one. Our second contract will more than likely be one of the examples listed below, but we’ll be soliciting feedback from the community to ensure we’re consistently building smart contracts that are in the highest demand.

We appreciate your patience as we ramp up for this very exciting beta launch!

Special Delivery

We’re big fans of swag, but we’re even bigger fans of software that helps us ship our projects. So you could just imagine how thrilled we were to receive a huge swag pack from our friends at Codeship this week.

Big shout out to Codeship team— you made our day!

Fun fact: A steady supply of coffee and swag keeps our devs very happy. Happy devs = good beta.

Fake Accounts

Thanks to a few eagle-eyed community members, we were able to get a few imposter accounts taken down from both Facebook and Twitter. These crafty scammers had profiles with slight variations of our username.

We’re working with Twitter to get our username verified. Until then, double check to make sure you’re following our real accounts on social media.

Facebook: (verified)
Twitter: (in progress)

Speaking of Twitter…

One of the aspects of a Community Managers’ job is to craft the tone and voice for the brand. One thing I can’t craft, however, is our CEO’s unique views and opinions about #blockchain and #cryptocurrency.

To give you direct access to Eric’s daily stream of consciousness, we’ve signed him up to Twitter and given him free reign to talk about anything.

Go give @EricBCAT a follow and send some hard-hitting questions his way.

Fun fact: Besides crypto and blockchain, you’ll also learn about his disdain for shoddy device compatibility.

Community Q&A

One thing we’re particularly fond of is the two-way dialogue that we have with our Community. We got hit with some particularly interesting questions this week, so we figured we’d share the answers for all to see.

“Does BlockCAT have any takeaways from the recent kitty storm on Ethereum network?” — Mohammad, Telegram
“Does BlockCAT have any plans to integrate with other platforms?” — Joomorrow, Discord

The release of Cryptokitties has taken the Ethereum world by storm. This is unprecedented for the network, as we’ve never seen sustained transaction volume of this scale before. Many of our community members have been asking us for our thoughts on this, and whether or not we feel like a different blockchain would be worth utilizing.

We feel that the Ethereum foundation has shown a stellar track record in its operation and leadership of the Ethereum platform. Several scaling strategies and second layer infrastructure are already in the works, such as EIP 648, a parallelization strategy, and Plasma, which will take the network to its next level of global support.

At this time, Ethereum still remains the primary market for smart contracts and decentralized applications, and we have no intention of moving away from it. We constantly survey the Blockchain ecosystem and will always adapt to what the best platform for our needs is.

Cryptokitties shows what needs to change about Ethereum, but they’re doing it. No plans to switch, but we’d consider it if there was reason to.

How will the 7m supply affect the vision/end goal with BlockCAT? Say, if I buy and hold 40% of all the circulating supply and never sell or use, how will that affect the functions and BlockCAT systems?” — Cryptoman, Discord

The total supply of an ERC20 is largely immaterial to it’s function.

CAT is divisible up to 18 decimal places. So even if there was only 1 CAT in all existence, that token is still divisible into smaller units, called KIT.

1 CAT = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 KIT.

Obviously, like in any market, someone owning 40% of the supply could lead to a host of other problems (such as the ability to mass manipulate the market) — but rest assured that it won’t lead to any issues with our platform.

To put it simply, there is NO risk that users wouldn’t be able to use our platform due to CAT supply. There is no scenario where we run out of CAT.

That’s it for this week, but if you have any pressing questions be sure to join the conversation in Discord, Twitter or Telegram. We’d love to hear from you!