Community Update — February 2, 2018

Product updates, IDEX, surveys and BlockCAT swag.

IDEX Update

Last week the BlockCAT token was listed on IDEX, which is a decentralized Ethereum exchange with real-time trading and high transaction throughput.

At the moment the trading volume of the BlockCAT utility token is fairly low, but we consider this a step in the right direction for improving our liquidity.

We are still in talks with much larger, well known exchanges — but as usual we’re limited in the details we can share as the applications are still in progress. We hope to have more details on this soon.

BlockCAT Current Exchanges

Note: Quick shout out to our eagle-eyed community rockstar Maxim for picking up on this ahead of our official announcement. 🔎

Product Development

This week our devs have been working on a brand new smart contract. We’re not ready to announce details yet, but it’ll be our first live blockchain contract for the beta. Here’s the progress they’ve made for the new contract:

+ Added new components for payment form inputs
+ Created eth address components
+ Added web3 integration
+ Added ES6 support for solidity codebase
+ Completed full solidity implementation and audit
+ Designed a transaction history page for users
+ Add local storage saves of transaction data
+ Added withdraw functionality for pending, received, & confirmed transactions

Crypto Transaction Survey

Our last survey gave us some great insight into how you use exchanges and which networks you utilize for learning about crypto. We’ve been actively using this data to inform our decisions and ensure we’re consistently working towards the right goals.

BlockCAT is dedicated to solving real problems that users have today. That’s why we’re launching a brand new survey with the goal of learning how you transact, store and send cryptocurrency.

By taking this survey, you will playing a direct role in helping us shape our product features in a way that closely aligns with your real world usage.

It’s imperative that we learn as much as we can from you, so we highly encourage each and every community member to get involved.

🔗 Take the Crypto Transaction Survey here

Crypto Transaction Survey:

Official BlockCAT Laptop Stickers

If you’ve ever worked in a startup environment, you’ve probably noticed that the majority of laptops that you encounter are covered head to toe in sweet decals, custom skins and fancy logos.

After noticing that our own laptops were looking a little bare, we decided to place an order for custom BlockCAT stickers to help us spruce things up a bit. We LOVE how they turned out, but it looks like we ordered about a hundred more than we actually needed. 😹

SO — if you want to deck out your laptop in premium BlockCAT swag, click the link below and shoot us an email. First come, first serve. We’ll start shipping them out next week!

🔗 Click here to request your FREE BlockCAT laptop stickers

Note: If you’ve already emailed us about stickers, don’t worry… we haven’t forgotten about you! Your stickers are on the way. ✉️

Addressing Copy Cats

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that’s true, then there’s been a whole lot flattery going on in the cryptocurrency space recently.

Except this brand of flattery lies more along the lines of stealing another company’s assets and attempting to pass them off as your own.

To be completely frank, there have been a few instances of this happening with our own work, most notably with our white paper.

Let us be crystal clear — we are big believers in the sharing of information. We strongly believe in the importance of being able to use information fairly — for news reporting, for review, for satire, and for creating something new.

But straight-up copying another team’s work with absolutely no attempt to hide it is 100%, unequivocally wrong.

Tune in next week, as our trusty legal superhero David Kemp is going to dig into this issue full-steam and shine the spotlight on recent examples in our industry, including the most blatant BlockCAT rip-off we’ve ever seen.

BlockCAT’s Biggest Fan

Let’s end this week’s update on a more positive note. This week we were lucky to have found one of our biggest (and youngest) fans to date.

Community member Ali Wilson reached out to share how excited his son was when he found out that BlockCAT was not only in the same province as them, but that our HQ was only an hour drive away.

Louis, a sharp eleven year old with a keen interest in blockchain technology, whipped up this impressive video explainer about BlockCAT and smart contracts and shared it on his YouTube channel.

We think it’s imperative to help foster this type curiosity in future generations. We were also very impressed with what Louis had accomplished (did I mention he’s only eleven?). After this video was published, we officially invited Louis and his family up to BlockCAT HQ to meet the team.

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this guy. Be sure to check back with us in a few weeks for updates to this story.

That’s all for this week! Be sure to join the conversation in our Discord channel, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the /r/BlockCAT subreddit.