Community Update — January 12, 2018

Development updates, exchange feedback and fake news.

Community Development

As we mentioned last week, we’re looking to shift our efforts towards building out the numerous spaces online where users can expect to find BlockCAT.

The first step was to create a Medium Publication which will allow various members of our team to contribute valuable content.

The second step was to completely overhaul our presence on Reddit. As many users know, Reddit is one of the largest communities on the planet with a growing number of crypto enthusiasts joining each week.

This week we launched the /r/BlockCAT subreddit redesign with the help of our mods. We also added in key information about our company, including links to website, whitepaper and beta.

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Product Development

This week the dev team worked on more core app infrastructure, including:

  • Completed open source modifications to ‘joi-json’ for our new validation platform: — added support for dependencies, predefined validation classes, ES5-compatibility for frontend applications like React.
  • Initial implementation towards users managing multiple contracts.
  • Initial implementation towards support for arbitrarily many contracts.
  • Continued work towards the underlying database, schema and data structures necessary to handle a visual contract designer.

Updated Whitepaper

This week we also released an updated version of our whitepaper.

The original was focused largely around our token sale, which ended back in August. The revised version more accurately reflects our current goals and highlights the trajectory of our business moving forward.

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Fake News

Earlier this week a photoshopped image made it’s rounds on the web which implied a future listing with Bittrex was coming on January 20th, 2018.

This rumour is false; we have no news to share about Bittrex at this time.

Kudos to both new and existing community members who did their own research and checked with our team via Discord.

Exchange + Discovery Survey

We’ve received numerous questions recently about exchanges and our presence on various social networks.

We understand that gaining exposure and improving liquidity are important topics for the community; which is why we want YOUR direct feedback on these two topics.

Click the link below to share your opinions with our team. Your feedback is super important to us and could help shape the future of BlockCAT!

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Blockchain in the Capital Markets

On Thursday our team attended an event sponsored by the Canadian Securities Exchange that highlighted the various potential impacts blockchain technology can have on the capital markets.

It was a fascinating event with guest speakers from Stockhouse, BlockTech Ventures and the Blockchain Intelligence Group leading the discussion.

One of our biggest takeaways from the event was discovering just how much interest there was from the general public, not just about cryptocurrencies, but about the underlying blockchain technology.

The question is no longer if the blockchain will revolutionize traditional industries, but when.

We plan on attending more blockchain events this year and we strongly encourage our community to do so as well.

That’s it for this week! Be sure to join the conversation in our Discord channel, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the /r/BlockCAT subreddit.