Community Update — June 15, 2018

Design improvements to Tabby Pay in the pipeline. 🎨

This week we started focusing some of our design efforts back to our first smart contract, Tabby Pay, which is currently live on the Mainnet.

Iterative dApp Design & Development

When we first launched Tabby Pay, one of our biggest goals was to get a fully-functional product into our users’ hands as quickly as possible, which would allow us to analyze the real-world usage, collect feedback and create a better user experience (and product) over time.

Credit: MetaLab
The biggest benefit of this approach is that it allows us to provide value immediately and iterate over time.

Andrew Wilkinson from MetaLab shared a fantastic post on this methodology, aptly titled Skateboard, Bike, Car. If you have any experience in development, you might also recognize this approach as ‘lean’ or ‘agile’ — but at the end of the day, the concept is this:

1. Release an MVP
2. Provide immediate value
3. Collect and analyze feedback
4. Continue to optimize and improve.

We really resonated with this approach to dApp development, which is why we’re aiming to build our Ethereum smart contracts in a similar fashion.

Tabby Pay UI Redesign

When it comes to Tabby Pay, one of the pieces of feedback we received was that it wasn’t 100% clear to some users what actions they were supposed to take first. Although we designed and implemented a modal system for the wallet selection, the actual payment step still wasn’t clearly articulated.

To address this, we began re-designing the Tabby Pay UI with a visual and informational hierarchy in mind. We feel like the overall layout of the app is still very functional, we just need to focus users’ attention to the correct areas to make the process of sending payments a little more straight forward.

Sneak peek: This re-design is still a working draft (NOT a final version).

Here are some of the biggest changes:

  • The addition of CAT as a payment method (as opposed to just ETH)
  • The addition of a currency drop-down (so users can send ERC20 tokens)
  • Clearly separated areas for New Payment, Account and Payment History
  • Redesigned subtotal table and call-to-action to initiate the payment
  • Emphasis was placed on the Account section
  • Reworked the font and colour hierarchy

As you can see, this isn’t a radically different redesign — but rather a subtle shift towards a more friendly, usable payment application. This is also congruent with the design of Tabby Rewards (and our future contracts) which will keep our dApp ecosystem consistent and familiar.

Dev Notes

A few quick notes about what went on behind the scenes this week.

💰 Tabby Pay:
+ continuing sending tokens dev work
+ integrating web app with v2 of contract
🎁 Tabby Rewards:
+ general development still underway
+ finished cancel rewards
+ started redeem campaign
+ persistent and re-usable wallet selection
💻 General:
+ dealing with bad erc20 token issue
+ adding async validation support to our forms system

That’s it for this week! If you have any questions, be sure to join our Discord channel, tweet to us on Twitter or chime in on the /r/BlockCAT subreddit!