Community Update — June 29, 2018

Blog features, fintech articles and advertising. 💻

Fintech News | Vol. 2

This week we released our second Fintech article in collaboration with Accelerate Okanagan.

This bi-monthly series aims to separate fact from fiction so users can fully understand the benefits and implications of using crypto/blockchain tech, specifically in the financial services industry.

📕 Read: Fintech News: Volume 2

Our goal is to help educate and bring awareness of blockchain tech to a wider audience outside of crypto. AO provides mentorship, community and coaching to businesses and entrepreneurs in Canada, which is an audience we feel could really benefit from blockchain tech in the future.

11 Questions for a Blockchain Community Manager

This week we also received some coverage in the OmniSparx blog.

OmniSparx is building tools that are designed to help blockchain communities collaborate and thrive. Their tools, which are being built specifically for crypto teams and community members, will allow teams to view and engage with all of their social channels from one central dashboard.

During our trip to Consenus 2018 in NYC, Justin sat down with their team to try out their alpha build and give feedback for improvements. This week, they featured Justin on their blog, and gave him the opportunity to talk about what he likes most about working in the Community space.

“… a daily highlight for me is seeing people (in the community) who really care about our project, and this space as a whole, and watching them take the time to continuously educate others.” — Justin
📕 Read: 11 Questions for a Blockchain Community Manager

Facebook Reconsiders Crypto Ad Ban

Facebook announced on June 27 that it would reverse its full-scale ban on cryptocurrency ads on its platform, allowing verified businesses to once again advertise their blockchain/crypto products.

This is huge news for blockchain companies like ours. For context, Google, Twitter and Facebook had all blocked crypto related ads earlier this year, which was a huge blow to teams vying to drive adoption for their products.

This had affected our marketing strategy substantially, as search + social are some of the most effective platforms for marketing SaaS products.

We’re optimistic that this will help move things in the right direction for all platforms. As it stands, we’re currently exploring what is required to continue advertising on Facebook , with the goal of acquiring new users for Tabby Pay and Rewards.

Dev Notes

A few quick notes about what went on behind the scenes this week.

💻 Internal
+ faster event fetching
+ convert internal types fo BNs everywhere
+ fixed issue with form validation and data propagation
💪 Improvements
+ adjust tabby pay payment loading so it doesn't block UI
🔄 Continued development
+ tabby rewards redeem is working and being tested
+ tabby pay sending of tokens and authorizing tokens

That’s it for this week! If you have any questions, be sure to join our Discord channel, tweet to us on Twitter or chime in on the /r/BlockCAT subreddit!