Community Update — March 22, 2019

Testing Rewards

Photo by Pexel from Pixels.

Testing Rewards — Part 2

I want to write a big thank you to those of you who reached out after the last community update.

We have received a small amount of highly engaged interest, but we are still eagerly looking for testing partners who specifically are engaged in operating marketing projects — whether that’s Facebook advertising, forum or email distributions, landing page testing or coupon codes and experimentation.

Photo by Rodolfo Clix from Pexels

The feedback so far has been positive, though with some pretty significant sticking points in terms of nontechnical user experience challenges. Like with Pay, we’ve done a lot of design work of mitigating confusion related to many of the details — but in this case, some of the details are considerably more complex. For example, a user of the platform must have a valid token ready to use (though, of course, we intend to solve that with a Token Creator integration and a series of affordances to use existing tokens).

We also rolled out a new version of Pay this week, pushing with it the new version of the Tabby Library, with the necessary adaptation for a series of Ethereum and MetaMask changes.

Photo by from Pexels

At the moment, we’re working with the executive team to prepare a bigger series of planning and timeline updates — addressing the release schedule, political hurdles, cryptowinter considerations and some transparency surrounding the rationale for our current priorities and decision making process — that we hope to release in the near future.