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Community Update — March 8, 2019

Testing Rewards

After some exploration with our local partners, we’re ready to start seeking further testers for the Rewards platform — but we’re not looking for just anyone: read on if you are interested in helping us get the product in hands of real users.

We had deferred further development on the platform (in favor of the token tool — the integration of which is likely a big piece of the Rewards platform usage for nontechnical users) until a round of actual users had gone end-to-end through the product, unguided, and provided their insights.

The platform has been met with initial success and a short-term goal is to run a second stage of aggressive testing, this time with people directly involved in marketing and promotional activity. We’re especially interested in having users who have no crypto background whatsoever.

This type of testing has proven to be very lucrative for identifying UX issues in Pay and in this case, we expect that our primary market audience will become the end-to-end marketing tool for operating reward programs, incentive programs and contests.

So, if you know of anyone on a marketing team, ideally at small-to-medium sized businesses, who:

  • currently operates reward or incentivized marketing programs, or,
  • is immediately interested in doing so, and,
  • has access to at least 200 semi-technical to non-technical customers who they could distribute tokens to — either e.g., via an existing contest platform, tie in with our distribution tools or an email list, and,
  • is willing to offer some form of incentive for the tokens, for example a store discount or credit, collectables or other valuable consideration.

Please connect us to them to play with the platform.

We’re looking for a lower bound of 200 — in our opinion, a very conservative number — but we’d love to see potential integrations that have considerably more than that. Initially, we’re only going to offer a partial distribution, both to ensure we have an extensible testbed and so we can continue to discuss the business arrangement once the system has been proven successfully. We’re also hopeful there are some creative distribution mechanisms out there which reveal locations we need better integration tools, guidance and UX improvements, or can help future clients better achieve their distributional goals.



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