Community Update — May 11, 2018

Ledger, new photos, consensus and dev updates. 🚀

We have a few exciting updates to share, including Ledger wallet support, a brand new Fintech series and Consensus 2018!

Ledger for Tabby Pay = Shipped! 🚀

After a ton of requests from the community (and extensive internal testing), we officially released Ledger hardware wallet support for Tabby Pay!

Using Tabby Pay with a Ledger wallet is just as easy as using MetaMask to securely send and receive payments with peace of mind. And now that we’ve integrated support for Ledger hardware wallets, it will be straightforward to integrate Ledger support into future contracts as well.

💻Click here to try Ledger on Tabby Pay

We’re going to Consensus 2018.

That’s right! A few members from the BlockCAT team, including Eric, Justin and Adrian will be attending Consensus 2018 in NYC next week.

Some of our biggest goals with the conference are to connect with other leaders in the blockchain space, share what we’ve learned about building and launching dApps on the Ethereum mainnet and gain a better understanding of where the market facing trends are heading.

We already have a number of off-site meetings booked, but we’d love to meet with any members of the community who will also be attending. Simply shoot us a tweet and we’ll book a time to chat!

Will you be attending Consensus ‘18? Send us a tweet and let us know!

Fintech News Series

This week we also kicked off an ongoing Fintech blog-series with Accelerate Okanagan to help educate and bring awareness of blockchain and cryptocurrency to the local and provincial tech community.

This bi-monthly series will help readers separate fact from fiction in order to truly understand the benefits and implications of utilizing blockchain tech in the financial services industry.

📕Click here to read: Fintech News: Volume 1

Tabby Rewards

A few eagle-eyed community members couldn’t help but notice that the UI we were working on this week was aptly titled ‘Tabby Rewards’, which is our next smart contract.

Development and UX work is well underway to get this product ready for beta testing.

We’re excited to share a lot more details on this product after we return from Consensus!

Updated Team Photos

One of our greatest attributes as a growing company is our sharp, driven and dedicated team members — so this week we updated the main website with photos of the whole gang.

🖼Click here to see the team photos:

Dev Notes

A few quick notes about what went on behind the scenes this week.

+ Ledger shipped!
+ Form improvements and UX improvements
+ Transaction confirmations revamped to be more clear
+ Media pre-loading for intro modal
+ Data migrations for local storage
🐞Bugs Fixed:
+ Fixed issue with modals closing too fast and getting stuck
+ Fixed issue with modal content heights not being consistent
🆕New Development: 
+ Internal package management is set up
+ New silent handler doesn't interrupt user for recoverable errors
⏩Continued Development:
+ Next dapp's data integration under way
+ Next contract testing continued

That’s it for this week! If you have any questions, be sure to join our Discord channel, tweet to us on Twitter or chime in on the /r/BlockCAT subreddit!