Community Update — Nov 24th

Fake News
This morning an article was released that made some claims about release dates for our Beta and possible exchange listings. This article is fake.

BlockCAT has not released new information for the upcoming Beta or future exchange listings either publicly or to any external sources.

We are on target to release the first contract simulations before year end. We are still going through legal reviews on exchanges and have not finalized details for future listings.

As a general reminder, any updates of this nature will always be posted to our blog first.

While we appreciate the positive review of our platform, some of our attentive community members may have inferred the author’s last name is “tradeall” and his phone number is actually the number for the heavy equipment company CATERPILLAR (who trade as CAT on the New York Stock Exchange).

Photo Credit: Hera Ariani

Website Update
Before we pushed the team changes to our live website, we released the dev version in our discord and blog. After getting your feedback, the main site has now gone live:

All team members now have a full description and a LinkedIn link (except Shayne, who joins our team in the near future, and will have details updated once he’s here). Profile pictures are on peoples LinkedIn pages.

Check it out and give us your feedback!

Next week we have Justin joining our team, who is our community manager and strategist. Moving forward we’ll be able to keep everyone more informed, engaged and excited about what we’re building.

We really appreciate all the support we have from the community, especially through this huge growth period. BlockCAT was a small team when we launched, and we’ve over doubled in size over the last two months. This means lots of change and new challenges. We’re blasting through those challenges and everyone here is excited for you to see what we’ve been creating.