Community Update — Oct 20th

What could be a more suitable community update than one about hiring a community manager!

It’s been a long time coming, as this was the first position we began interviewing for after our sale ended because we knew how important communication would be. Community involves a two-way conversation between you and us, and we recognize that this would become even more essential moving forward. We’re a company largely comprised of engineers, and we’re aiming to challenge the standards that tech companies are known to have.

It’s was especially important we find the right person for this role. Not only do they publicly represent our company, but they also play a key part in understanding your needs and feedback for our platform. It’s thanks to your great feedback during our Alpha, and your future thoughts on our upcoming Beta that’s going to make BlockCAT even better than we first imagined.

Blockchain is not just a technology, it’s a community of people who all believe in the same future.

You’ll be hearing from him as soon as he’s on-boarded and settled in. He’s relocating a long distance to join us, so it’ll be a little bit before he’s ready to get started. Rest assured, Eric will continue to engage with the community and stay involved, but our community manager will help facilitate that in a way that best utilizes his time.

Radar Relay
Our listing with Radar Relay made some fantastic progress this week. We had some productive calls with their CEO and our lawyers are finishing up the final details of our partnership.

As many of you are aware, the regulatory space in cryptocurrency has changed dramatically in the last few months. We’re especially excited about working with Radar because they’re by far the most professional when it comes to navigating the legal challenges that come with innovation. We see this continuing to be being a strong relationship between our companies moving forward.

We have completed the next required stage of our application. They have now forwarded our application to their “final review committee”, who have the authority to make the decision on if we are listed. We have been advised their decision takes a while because they have a large backlog of applications.

Accelerators & Connections
We’ve been in talks with a local tech accelerator about how they can help BlockCAT focus towards continued success. They’ve already provided us so much valuable insight and delivered years worth of wisdom and experience. This week we took the next step towards formally becoming a member of their program.

Our CEO has also had meetings with academics conducting blockchain research, and has begun laying the foundations of future partnerships with blockchain companies and research groups. It’s nothing we’re ready to talk about yet, but we wanted to give some insight into the connections and partnerships we’re working on behind the scenes.