Community Update — Oct 27th

Lots of exciting things this week at BlockCAT. We’ll start with a development update, since we’ve had lots of questions about the progress.

We’re on track for our Beta to begin public testing before the end of Q4, as we outlined in our new roadmap. We’ll be releasing contracts one at a time in a very quick cycle to allow us to collect feedback for each new feature and make improvements. Currently we’re setting up the infrastructure to support this Beta release. Once we’ve got a specific date scheduled, we’ll update everyone with more details.

Website Redesign
One of the pieces we need to put in place before the Beta release is our website redesign. Right now it still contains details of our token sale, but moving forward you’ll be presented with details of the BlockCAT Platform and how to participate in the Beta release. You can expect to see that updating in the coming weeks.

At BlockCAT we’re always looking for ways to make cryptocurrency and smart contracts more accessible to the everyday users. This week Mastercard announced the release of their own Blockchain which supports smart contracts. We’ve begun our research into how we can utilize Mastercard’s new blockchain to make BlockCAT’s smart contracts simple to use. While the core platform we’re building will still run on Ethereum, we believe that Interoperability between chains is a key step to moving the whole crypto industry forward.

Radar Relay: We’re on the final stages of completing all the legal compliance and due diligence.
Binance: They have a new community vote starting next week. BlockCAT is not planning to participate this month because we’re already in the late stage of a listing application with them, due to the great performance of the previous month’s vote.


We’re pleased to announce our official membership of AOTA, a tech accelerator who will help position us for success. AOTA have fantastic resources, top talent, and strong ties to Silicon Valley. As many of you know, it’s all about who you know, and thanks to our contacts we’ve already been talking with household name Fintech companies.

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