Community Update — October 5, 2018

We wrap up Tabby Pay 2.0 and shift our focus to Tabby Rewards

Oct 5, 2018 · 5 min read

Tabby Pay Wrap Up

The launch of Tabby Pay 2.0 was a success and user feedback has been very positive. The improved user interface was well received and we are happy to say that there have been no bugs reported. Now that we have wrapped up the work on Tabby Pay 2.0, our focus has been on Tabby Rewards.

Tabby Rewards

We are happy to report that Tabby rewards is nearing completion. A core piece of our smart contract was completely reconstructed to address the scalability issues we were facing. We have a preliminary mock-up of the user interface which is going through user testing.

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Library Work

We’ve been working hard on a bunch of internal library work. This is stuff that takes the form of accelerators or things that make future engineering faster. This has always been a theme around here, with the whole “platform” story being initially a set of development tools for internal use and eventually a set of tools for the community to produce solid, usable smart contracts for everyone.

Smart Contract Usability…

As we’ve talked about numerous times before, the ability for regular users to make use of smart contracts is a huge sticking point. Understanding of (or, ideally simplification/elimination, of) private keys, stability, MetaMask inconsistencies, transaction flow, immutability, risk and variability and the other considerations is something we’re pushing hard to resolve. We made great strides forward with the last round of user review on both Pay and Rewards, but there are many interesting problems that need to be resolved. Some of these (stable coins, UX clarity, even private key management) we’ll be able to resolve, and others (data storage scale, integration layers) we’re going to have to provide tooling to work around while the community works alongside us.

Dev Notes

💰 Pay: 
+ added support for upcoming Metamask release which requires user approval to inject Web3
+ small revisions/review to token approval flow.
🎁 Rewards:
+ added support for upcoming Metamask release which requires user approval to inject Web3
+ second round UX audit, redesigned flow to be much simpler and less cumbersome for users
+ improved deploy process to include a full blockchain and contract deploy under continuous integration
🏗️ Staking Library:
+ deep analysis of implications of various kinds of staking models
+ captured criteria for successful staking model
+ initial implementation of simple staking solution
+ initial commits on an exploratory project to rapidly iterate and experiment with staking models in a low risk environment.
🐞 Bug Fixes:
+ fixed notification styling and positioning in Rewards UI
+ fixed a bug on hardware wallet selection where the app would get stuck loading


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