Partnership with Attention Network

A message from Eric, BlockCAT CEO

Advertising presents a real challenge for BlockCAT. Facebook recently changed their ad policy to declare a one size fits all ban for blockchain advertising. Additionally, the major advertising providers run centralized closed-source bidding platforms for buying ad space, which allows them to swing auction results in their favor.

This is why I’m thrilled to officially announce a partnership between BlockCAT and Attention Network.

Attention Network is a blockchain and Ethereum powered auction system to make advertising better for everyone. We solve problems of trust, accessibility and policy control with smart contracts — achieving lower fees, better CPMs for publishers and higher ROAS for advertisers.

With the upcoming launch of our visual smart contract platform, Attention Network will provide us with a provably fair auction for buying ads, while providing ad policy which is democratic, flexible and enforced by smart contracts.

We join the list of Attention Network advertisers alongside household brands such as Fivver and HostGator. But our relationship with Attention Network goes a step further.

The BlockCAT team has already been providing code review services and full auditing of their smart contracts. As a member of their advisory board, I’ve been providing my expertise in Solidity and Blockchain technology, as well as my insight and experience in the industry.

I believe in Attention Network’s vision of a fairer and more transparent advertising network, which is why I’m offering BlockCAT’s full support in achieving it.

— Eric.