Level One: The Quest Begins

DJ Rees
DJ Rees
Jun 8, 2018 · 4 min read

User Experiences to Draw in Everyday People and Author Introduction

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(Now Those were Enemies; Plate 1: Fungus Among Us. D.J. Rees, April 2018)

Quest Introduction (Level 1–1)

elcome to the Blockchain Adoption Game, publication; a series of articles written for the Blockchain Tech and Crypto Industry by an author from the Nonprofit, Human Services field.


Defeat this first article and then decide if you want to continue with this series. I promise, I will reveal the number one deficit I have found in over 85–90% of all the companies with which I have engaged in the last 11–12 months that I have spent TRYING to become an early adopter and promoter of this greatest community-first technology and culture.

Established to increase your understanding of everyday people outside of the Tech Realm, thereby giving you an edge when promoting the use and adoption of your project, this series will not only explore the different strategies, standard practices, productive steps, and common mistakes identified from a “New Player,” perspective, but will also introduce you to a few key skills and tools needed to truly engage people who are quite happy living their day to day life without your product.

By the time you are finish reading this, I think you will agree that understanding the perspective of a non-technical, highly Pro-Blockchain and Crypto advocate with over 20 years of active frontline, supervisory and director level management experience in the Field of People can only increase the number of non-technical, mainstream users and simultaneously decrease the time spent doing so. To sum this all up, there is one question to be answered:

If you want people to join your community, support your project, or use your product, shouldn’t you look at every angle to develop the best strategy possible?

Controller Instructions (Level 1–2)

ach week a new article will be published. The articles identify key tools, paradigms, common strategy components used by the majority of blockchain companies. Some topics included are:

  1. Communication — Get back to the Way Basics: Yes, it is a standard communication tool, but you forget most people STACK dishes, are pretty sure Edison invented the TELEGRAM (poor old Samuel Morse), and aren’t going to come around, let along GIT.
  2. Adult Learning — making it easy enough for a child may get people to try your product, but then what do you expect?
  3. Airdrops for All the Different People— who do you want to bring in and for how long?
  4. Stages of Change — They are not like Stages of Development. These things are all over the place.
  5. The sign says “Everyone welcome!” — That guy just showed me the other side of the door and how to use it.

Each week you will be introduced to a topic, its relevance, a brief thought experiment to help you understand a different perspective and given extra resources to expand your understanding. By doing this, you are opening yourself to cultural awareness and prejudices.

This is absolutely key to interacting with a new group or community. More importantly, it is key for that new group to interact with you at a level and amount of time needed to bring your product into their inner sphere of daily Interactions.

Level Bosses and Your First Treasure (Level 1–3)

make this series as beneficial to you as possible, B.A.G, will actively seek writers willing to contribute relevant content. As one content provider, I can offer only the perspective from the field to which I have become an very familiar. The more perspective, experiences and topics, the more strategic depth your implementation will have. If you have a topic request, would like to submit an article, or know someone who would like to contribute, please contact me at


Please type: B.A.G. Article Submission in the Subject.

And Now For the Level 1 Treasure

The number one Fail of 85–90% of the blockchain companies with which I have engaged is:

Inability to Respond to EMAIL in a timely, if at all, manner.

I have to commend the Teams of 3dcoin / Districts.io, the Eth.Town rep ETH.TOWN and Community manager (@MrDoA on twitter), and LOOK LATERAL for there quick and thorough Responses when corresponding to email or similar means. These projects are on the Leaderboard for assisting the non-technical for there patience and allotting enough resources to this very key area of communication strategy.

This is not bashing on any company or project. Anyone reading to this point knows that when we get swamped there is a difficulty in maintaining good 1:1 engagement. It happens, especially when there are numerous other venues on which to communicate and ask questions.

Next week, in an article a lot shorter than this one, we will look at email correspondence, strategies to implement if your team has become swamped, and a few comments from “New Players” that have been turned off of blockchain because of the response, or lack of response from just one of the thousands of Blockchain companies. We will offer a brief exercise to help remember the feeling or emotional state generated by these small but deadly mistakes and what makes them so powerful.

I hope to see you next week, thanks for your time

D.J. Rees

Blockchain Adoption Game

Blockchain Adoption Game (B.A.G.)

DJ Rees

Written by

DJ Rees

Blockchain Adoption Game

Blockchain Adoption Game (B.A.G.) is a publication for Companies, Project Devs, Community Managers, and others interested in an, "Outside the Industry," perspective toward adoption and ease of access when navigating and using Crypto and Blockchain Tech.

DJ Rees

Written by

DJ Rees

Blockchain Adoption Game

Blockchain Adoption Game (B.A.G.) is a publication for Companies, Project Devs, Community Managers, and others interested in an, "Outside the Industry," perspective toward adoption and ease of access when navigating and using Crypto and Blockchain Tech.

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