Members Spotlight: GoldHorn Crypto®

It is always great to introduce new members of Blockchain Alliance Europe, proving how active, innovative and ambitious businesses are in the crypto and blockchain field, growing each new year strongly.

The Goldhorn Crypto® firmly believes in decentralized economy and blockchain solutions, which will be more widely recognized as a part of the alternative store and transfer of intrinsic value. Therefore, they are convinced that Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are here to stay and will become a part of mainstream investment opportunities.

In line with rapid technological advances, the majority of the population now can access cryptocurrencies themselves, thus intervening in an area that provides possible gains through sound research. For that, an integral part of GoldHorn business philosophy and vision is to spread decentralized solutions into the portfolios of as many citizens of the world as possible.

The team leverages technology and the digital economy know-how in the crypto strategy solutions that have proven successful and are now available to others who want to take advantage of opportunities in this exciting marketplace. In this aspect, they utilize classic asset management, applying their professional knowledge to maximize the benefit for all users regarding costs, clear strategies, exposures, risks and profitability. Besides, the team also closely monitors how the regulatory framework is built, ensuring their solutions and propositions are always in compliance.

As they say, due to crypto adoption by regulators, investment, and financial media coverage to the 3rd Bitcoin halving and central banks interventionism with a new money supply due to global events, the time was ripe in 2020 to introduce enriched offers of new strategies to access crypto with different exposures and risks.

Consequently, GoldHorn Crypto® and Solidum Capital have executed one of the world’s first Crypto Strategies mergers & acquisitions (M & M&A) together with their trusted partner ICONOMI. To be more precise, two Crypto Strategies operated by Solidum Capital have been acquired by GoldHorn Crypto® and merged with two existing crypto strategies in the first half of December 2021. Therefore, today, GoldHorn Crypto® operates eight different Crypto Strategies on the ICONOMI platform, with over 1.400 copiers with €1.500.000,00 assets that copy these strategies, focusing on organic growth based on trust and user experience.

Their strategies today are the following:

- GoldHorn Crpyto World
- GoldHorn Crypto Venture
- GoldHorn Crypto DeFi
- GoldHorn Crypto NFT protocols
- GoldHorn Crpyto Top25 DYNAMIC
- Goldhorn Crpyto Top25 MODERATE
- Goldhorn Crpyto Top25 BALANCED
- Goldhorn Crpyto Top25 CONSERVATIVE

GoldHorn Crypto® also takes pride in its team of highly skilled and motivated professionals with extensive experience in the investment field. They also have a broad international network with professional conduct and approaches with a clear focus on fulfilling GoldHorn Crypto® users’ needs.

All together, GoldHorn Crypto® are available to users from more than 200 countries worldwide, with a minimum size of only €10,00 on each strategy. Funds are also tradable and available 24/7 on smart devices via the app. They can be transferred to other currencies (BTC, ETH, EUR), possibly withdrawing funds to personal bank accounts via SEPA IBAN/SWIFT payments.

Despite a digital marketing approach supported by ICONOMI, the team has added a new marketing strategy with ESG momentum, which has seen quite a rise in capital inflows in the investment industry in 2020. The team also registered GoldHorn Crypto with the ESG slogan at European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), GoldHorn Crypto is a registered trademark. This vision gives them a pipeline for a marketing loop for sustainability and responsible investing.

The team welcomes interested public and potential business strategic partners to visit their new website and freely contact them:
- Twitter account: @GoldHornCrypto




Blockchain Alliance Europe is a non-profit organization that connects European companies and legal entities that use or implement blockchain technologies.

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Blockchain Alliance Europe

Blockchain Alliance Europe

Blockchain Alliance Europe is a non-profit organization that connects European companies and legal entities that use or implement blockchain technologies.

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