[MEMBERS SPOTLIGHT] Protokol: An Enterprise Blockchain Services Provider with a Difference — Simplicity

We are pleased to welcome a new member to the BAE family, Protokol. Protokol is empowering global enterprises to solve real business challenges and future-proof their business through the power of custom blockchain solutions.

“We’re incredibly pleased to be working alongside the BAE and firmly believe in their ethos of collaboration, and their mission to raise awareness of the importance of blockchain technology amongst enterprises in Europe.” (Kristjan Košič, CTO)

The company was founded by key members of ARK, a leading blockchain platform that, along with a dedicated community of developers, has spent years building a wide variety of different solutions for developers, projects, and businesses worldwide.

Like their decentralized technology, the team works in a decentralized manner, with many of the development team being located in Slovenia, and other business functions split across The Netherlands, the UK, and Spain. Rich with expertise and experience, they bring a unique understanding of how blockchain technology can solve businesses’ real-world problems — delivering custom blockchain solutions for startups, SMEs and enterprises that seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure to ensure minimal disruption while enhancing collaboration, operational efficiency, data security and integrity.

“With a large number of our team based in Slovenia, we very much welcome the BAE’s vision to create a setting that will transform Slovenia and Europe into a global blockchain destination, and will strive to do all that we can to support the BAE in turning this vision into a reality.” (Kristjan Košič, CTO)

In doing so, their goal is to assist the companies with the usual dilemmas they stumble upon when introducing the blockchain — namely reducing the complexity and lowering the barriers to entry for organisations seeking to integrate blockchain solutions into their operations. Protokol’s streamlined approach and custom solutions make integrating blockchain into an organization incredibly easy. Their expert service helps to reduce the burden of internal teams, limit the resource and investment needed, and lower the barriers to entry — helping organisations to leverage blockchain technology both quickly and effectively.

While the financial industry has undoubtedly been a frontrunner in adopting blockchain technology, Protokol has identified several other key target industries where this technology can add the most value and impact, such as sports & esports, telecoms, manufacturing, supply chain, energy & utilities, IoT and the media & entertainment industries.

Protokol offers a wide range of flexible solutions to suit their clients’ specific needs at all stages. Their range of blockchain services includes everything from digital advisory to solution design, blockchain consulting, blockchain engineering, proof of concept, use case implementation and beyond.

As well as working with a number of teams and agencies in the sports and esports space to help increase fan engagement and unlock new revenue streams, Protokol are also building solutions for customers in the luxury goods and renewable energy industries, as well as in the public sector.

They’re helping clients implement a range of solutions to various challenges, from fan tokens, to NFT solutions, to adaptable digital identities frameworks and citizen wallets for blockchain-based digital identities across Europe, which allow digital information to be managed and stored more securely using blockchain technology.

Speaking to the BAE, Protokol stated that they wish to increase the awareness and strengthen the trust in blockchain technology amongst European enterprises, which is why they are active members and contributors to several initiatives and organizations, including the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) facilitated by the European Commission, INATBA, the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, Consensys partner program and now Blockchain Alliance Europe.

They recognize us as a reliable, credible and trustworthy partner and identify BAE members and their work as referential to setting new milestones in the field. Sentiments on the partnership are mutual, and here at the BAE we are sure that together we will leave a successful footprint in the enterprise blockchain environment.

“We look forward to sharing our knowledge with BAE members and learning more about their challenges, approaches and sharing knowledge to help further the adoption of blockchain technology.” (Kristjan Košič, CTO)

To learn more about Protokol, visit: https://www.protokol.com/




Blockchain Alliance Europe is a non-profit organization that connects European companies and legal entities that use or implement blockchain technologies.

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Blockchain Alliance Europe

Blockchain Alliance Europe

Blockchain Alliance Europe is a non-profit organization that connects European companies and legal entities that use or implement blockchain technologies.

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