Even in quarantine, time is running fast. Since our last meeting in December, it was already high time for the regular quarterly assembly of Blockchain Alliance Europe members to check ongoing activities and chart new ones.

Benefit from Project Office and Support Services for EU tenders

We have been developing plans to assemble an expert team that will support our members in organizing applications for EU tenders for some time now. As you know, we are entering the decade of digitalization in the EU, so governments are massively encouraging companies and consortia to support society with appropriate innovations that will bring more security and speed to online services. That said, we are releasing a new line of service to help our members navigate through various tenders by validating their business ideas, connecting relevant parties, and successfully submitting a registered tender.

A series of Masterclasses on Innovation through Blockchain

We have also agreed to organize a series of Masterclasses in the coming period, where our members will share specific knowledge from their fields of expertise. We are aware that blockchain is still often misunderstood, so we will strive to show interested parties how to enter into a partnership to develop technological innovation and implement blockchain in a way that will help their business.

Join Us as a Member

We also happily inform you that Blockchain Alliance Europe is reopening the possibility of membership, inviting interested companies and organizations to join us. In doing so, we make a tremendous effort to raise awareness of the opportunities driven by blockchain innovations, connect members, grow and actively represent the Slovenian blockchain community, and open new venues for representation in domestic and foreign markets.




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Blockchain Alliance Europe

Blockchain Alliance Europe is a non-profit organization that connects European companies and legal entities that use or implement blockchain technologies.