Crypto Art Is No Easy Calling. Here’s What Artist Nanu Berks Really Thinks About The Industry

Jacqueline O'Neill
Sep 11, 2018 · 7 min read
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Working in the world of crypto art has been an amazing experience, but like any emerging space, there are both exciting opportunities and challenges to overcome on the path forward.

Here are my insights into the crypto art industry based on my on-grid and off-grid experiences:

Being a crypto artist allows for unique opportunities and challenges.

There are three types of artists in the blockchain space today. First, there are artists who have already “made it,” and have plenty of opportunities offered to them. On the other hand, you have the community artist — someone who has a day job, but likes to work on their art on the side.

Those hyper-pioneering the industry have a chance to change the status quo.

I love the blockchain and the possibilities for the decentralization of power, wealth, and opportunities it holds.

That’s an issue. Why shouldn’t artists be paid, like everyone else?

If you love someone’s art, ask them their rates, and hire accordingly. Working for exposure simply isn’t enough. But artists need to remember this is a two-way street and stop accepting projects just for exposure.

All of us in crypto art have to be mindful about what we’re building.

The question I’m posing is, “Are we bringing our current problems into the industry of the future?”

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