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Crypto in Belgium: young investors are optimistic

Despite the turbulent crises and scandals, Belgian investors under the age of 35 continue to place their financial trust in crypto assets. Read further to learn more about investors’ sentiments in Belgium.

Crypto in Belgium: young investors are optimistic (by bit4you)


Despite the 2022 catastrophe, cryptocurrencies remain popular among Belgium’s younger generation of investors. This is confirmed by the current ING Investor Barometer. Despite a volatile year for cryptocurrency assets, at least 40% of investors under the age of 35 would like to buy a cryptocurrency over the first part of 2023.

However, one-fifth of investors polled possess cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and 8% of them had previously held BTC. Moreover, 41% of investors under 35 have cryptocurrencies in their portfolio, and 39% expect bitcoin will still exist in ten years.

Source: ING Belgium

Not by crypto alone…

As you can see, it is always a good idea to diversify your investment portfolio. Cryptocurrency investors probably know this axiom. Indeed, over a third of those polled believe that real estate investment is the best option in 2023. After all, the situation was the same last year… Stocks or equities funds are the best investment for 19% of respondents, while gold is a haven for 13%.

Finally, real estate and stocks generate comparable outcomes, with each receiving around a quarter of the votes among males. Among females, real estate (33%), in turn, outperforms equities (15%) as the best investment choice. This is sometimes explained by the fact that women invest in more secure assets than males.

Economic sentiments

According to ING, 22% of respondents (up from 15% in November) anticipate the economy will improve during the next three months. As a result, the economic picture remains bleak. On the other hand, pessimistic investors decreased from 54% to 44%, the lowest level in eight months.

Inflation, of course, plays an important role: Only 12% of respondents said their family’s financial condition had improved in the last three months, while 45% said it had worsened.

However, the cryptocurrency market entered the New Year with a pessimistic vibe. A $1.3 trillion drop as a result of the global economic downturn, increased interest rates, etc. Nonetheless, the crypto industry is still in its infancy and will become more stable over time, according to

On the other hand, the market is being cleansed of amateur traders, scammers, and speculators. Cryptocurrency, like any new sector, underwent an early boom and is now inevitably facing a downturn. Then, this is expected to eventually transition to a more stable market.



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