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Movies And Metaverses: What Should We Be Prepared For?

Cinema as a part of an art sphere is still a child. And, unlike more mature brothers, modifications and trends in it occur more often and are more noticeable than in literature or music, for example. Changes in technique, the manner of presentation, and style, in the audience for which this product is created — it all can easily happen.

Don’t forget about new technologies! Entertainment Weekly recently wrote that by 2023, every tiny aspect of the entertainment industry would be impacted by technology. As a result of this, there will occur “the most dramatic shift ever in the way that stories are made, told, and consumed,” says filmmaker of Avengers: Endgame, Joe Russo.

Let’s see what to expect from cinema in the coming years and what part crypto and blockchain might play in these changes.

Metaverses and cinema

The Metaverse is a virtual reality or space where people may interact with each other and with the world around them while physically staying at home. For now you can engage with interactive worlds through your computer or smartphone, but that’s only the beginning. The Metaverse concept calls for something like a 3D Internet with virtual reality (VR) glasses. It will probably become more available in the future. No wonder there are rumors that in 10 years, Apple will abandon the iPhones and replace them with an augmented reality (AR) headset. Maybe it’s true — who knows?

With Metaverses, the film industry will get a decisive boost, and viewers will have opportunities to engage with the characters from their favorite films. Moreover, we will be able to live the stories along with the characters. Just imagine how breathtaking it can be! We could save the world alongside the Avengers or explore a new planet in Avatar.

Also, there’s a possibility that movies and TV shows would be shot directly in the metaverse with virtual characters. The documentary We Met in Virtual Reality has already become a pioneer — it became a massive success at the Sundance festival in 2022. The film was filmed entirely in the virtual space of VRChat with a virtual camera. However, does it mean there won’t be any actors in the future?

Actors and new technologies

In an era when entertainment will have to meet the requirements of generation Z, the idea of Hollywood stars as a phenomenon will change. Celebrities will be “born” without the traditional mechanisms of show business: PR campaigns, advertising billboards, and magazine covers. On the contrary, the audience will decide who will become a star, supporting the artists directly for their position, philosophy, or lifestyle, that is, some moral and mental traits.

Instead of dozens of “most in-demand” creators, there will be hundreds and thousands of them, each of which will be supported by communities of fans in their careers. This is already happening on platforms like Patreon, where users can directly sponsor musicians, podcasters, and YouTubers.

The approach will expand, and there will be more ways to fund artists. Distribution models for exclusive content may also change. For example, NFTs, non-fungible blockchain-based tokens, have prospects in this industry.

With the help of tokens the spouses Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher raised more than $8 million for the Stoner Cats animated series in 2021. Only users who bought NFT worth about 0.35 ETH, or about $800 at the exchange rate, could see the episodes.

EW does not bypass the technology of deepfakes in its prediction. With its help, you can become a celebrity in the future. There are already projects that allow you to completely imitate the appearance and voice of another person. As this technology develops, “body jumping” may also gain popularity — it may become a regular phenomenon to “jump” into someone else’s body in virtual worlds.

If technology seems unrealistic to you, take a look at the deepfake of Morgan Freeman, which conquered TikTok in 2021.

Many content stories will surround us everywhere, and the number of content formats will grow even more (only comedy can have dozens of subgenres). One of the reasons is that everyone can create content, just as now everyone has a chance to write music or become music and film critics. This will happen due to the emergence of new publicly available filmmaking tools (however, they already exist).

We’ll be able to feel the film

McKinsey believes that in the next decade, tactile sensors will appear and radically change the perception of events on the screen: imagine that you feel wind gusts on your face or the slight heat of a flame on your skin. Horror will also change — emotions will go through the roof when you think someone is touching your hand in a tense moment. We saw something similar in the TV series Black Mirror in the episode “Game Test” (2016).

Wired believes the final accent, without which it is impossible to take immersion in virtual reality seriously, is smell. Smell VR technology is already there. Startup OVR Technology, for example, makes refillable cartridges filled with nine chemical elements that can be mixed into hundreds of scents.


Metaverses are a new stage in the development of the Internet. Different projects like Decentraland (MANA), Roblox, and The Sandbox (SAND)– will once be a part of one big Metaverse in the future. And, of course, the film industry will take its place in this virtual world.

Perhaps in the distant future, when virtual reality goggles, smell recognition, and tactile sensors become commonplace, the border between cinema and video games will be erased altogether, and those who want to can actively participate in a story. And others can passively live it, like in classic movies.

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Originally published on our Publish0x blog.



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