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Top 9 NFT Questions Answered

New research from CoinGecko reveals what people are thinking and asking.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

What are people asking?

  • First place: “What is an NFT?” That was searched an average of 948,000 times (each month).
  • Second place: “How do you create an NFT?” That was searched an averaged of 287,000 times.
  • Third place: “Where to buy and sell NFTs?” That was searched 116,400 times.
  • Fourth: “What is the most expensive NFT?” (102,000 searches)
  • Fifth: “Why are NFTs valuable?” (64,000 searches)
  • Sixth: “Are NFTs bad for the environment?” (32,000 searches)
  • Seventh: “What does minting mean?” (29,800 searches)
  • Eighth: “Why can NFTs be so expensive?” (27,000 searches)
  • Ninth: “Are NFTs a better investment than crypto?” (19,200 searches)

Answers from CoinGecko’s Head of Research



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