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Visa brought football NFT to the World Cup

Before the World Cup in Qatar on November 20, Visa and combined football, art, and NFT to create a memorable fan experience.

Visa brought football NFT to the World Cup (by bit4you)

Visa, FIFA’s key innovation partner, has announced the launching of a unique NFT collection dedicated to the famous goals of five legendary soccer players.

The auction had been taking place between 1 and 8 November.

NFTs were accessible on Crypto com, the main partner for FIFA’s cryptocurrency trading system.

Payroll created NFTs in partnership with XK Studios. The collection includes five pieces devoted to iconic World Cup goals made by Hared Borchetti, Tim Cahill, Michael Owen, Maxi Rodriguez, and American soccer star Carly Lloyd.

Interactive project for fans

Visa is encouraging thousands of fans to create their legendary feints at the Visa Masters of Movement arena as part of the FIFA Festival of FansTM in Doha (November 19 — December 18). Fans will enter a digital LED field outfitted with tracking equipment to record and transform their actions into digital art.

Fans may pick a color scheme depending on their preferred national colors in addition to kicking a goal and showing off their skills. As a result of joint efforts, people can create individualized, dynamic artwork. The final pictures will be emailed as a memory or delivered as an NFT item.

Why is this needed?

Fans will be able to learn about the innovative ways Visa is sending money across the world, including new technologies. They include cryptocurrencies and other digital solutions that are connecting more people to the global economy, throughout the interactive program.

Other details

Visa will donate all auction funds to Street Children United, a British organization devoted to eliminating discrimination towards abandoned children worldwide.

Visa revealed that the network has registered for trademarks related to NFT and the meta world.

Sports’ top 5 most costly NFTs

  • Mookie Betts Legendary ($2.05 million) Sports enthusiasts appreciate the tokens of their favorite players. Another NFT of him in a Boston Red Sox jersey is worth more than $2 million.
  • The Action Jacksons’ Sports Cards ($2.08 million). Baseball enthusiasts may now enjoy the classic emblem of baseball legend JacksonsOfAllTrades by bringing this card home.
  • Aaron Judge Legendary ($2.129 million). For the previous three years, the value of the New York Yankees World Series champion token has risen.
  • Legendary Alex Morgan ($2.129 million) Alex Morgan, the sole athlete on our list, is an American soccer player.
  • Doge Nifty Tayl0r.WFT ($2.1 million) Tayl0r.WFT made this pixelated picture of a Nike athletic sneaker. He also owns another costly NFT valued at $9.2 million.



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