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What Are Move-To-Earn Apps And How To Get Crypto There

he well-known concept of play-to-earn games has gained a tremendous popularity among gamers, and now it explores new directions. Due to that, now another new trend is trying to take the cryptocurrency market by storm. It’s called move-to-earn (M2E) — let’s take a closer look at this new game model.

What is move-to-earn

The move-to-earn model is a rapidly growing segment in the third-generation Internet (Web3). It is pretty simple. However, it’s not something new. We all remember the madness around Pokémon Go — it was (and is) a top-rated app. In this game, you had to move around your city in order to complete it. Move-to-earn projects use a similar model with new special adjustments — they use cryptocurrency and NFTs.

M2E projects reward users if they successfully fulfill some sports activities. Smartphones or other devices such as a smartwatch help to track the results. The amount of reward depends on how many exercises and tasks were done. To participate in such games, users often have to buy NFTs (such as virtual running shoes), so they can earn crypto with them. Many of these items have limited earning potential, so users can upgrade them if they want to get more income.

Since the move-to-earn concept uses cryptocurrencies, players can earn in-game currency, which can be exchanged for fiat afterward. Thus it provides a reward for real-life engagement, not for some virtual actions.

M2E sounds almost the same as the play-to-earn model, doesn’t it? Both of them pay their users with crypto for completing different tasks. The only difference is that move-to-earn games encourage people to stay fit and do some sport to be healthy, and play-to-earn affects only virtual worlds.

Is M2E better than P2E?

The outstanding benefit of move-to-earn over play-to-earn is that you don’t need to spend your time on your phone (or laptop) 24/7. Instead, you only need to be physically active for a certain period of time in order to receive a valuable reward. It forces you to exercise rather than sit still and click on your smartphone. Imagine that you are walking in the park, breathing fresh air, and getting crypto for that. Sounds wonderful!

Honestly, it is impossible to say what model is better. They are different. These projects have various goals, so users can choose what they want more — to play a video game or to do some sport. Overall, it seems that M2E games are more practical. They can become a part of our everyday life and make us healthier.

Move-to-earn projects

There are many move-to-earn games; CoinMarketCap currently has listed 26 projects in the move-to-earn category. In terms of market capitalization, in the first place, there is the GMT token from the STEPN project. Let’s look at a few examples of M2E games.

Stepn. This M2E project was launched in spring 2022. Users supposed to buy virtual sneakers (NFT) in order to participate. Afterwards, they can get native GST and GMT tokens for 20 minutes (or more) of running or walking per day.

Walken. The project combines sports and game mechanics. The app tracks your daily steps. After registration, users get a character for free. To earn money, they need to send their avatars to battles with other participants. The victory depends on the number of steps taken and the characteristics of the avatar (equipment can be bought in the marketplace). A pumped hero (up to level 5) is transferred to NFT, and it’s possible to sell it. This takes about two months (1000 steps = 1 in-game token).

Dotmoovs. In this app, users can compete in football and dancing freestyles. To do this, they should turn on their phone’s camera. The algorithm will select an opponent (human or robot). Artificial intelligence evaluates performance and assigns points. For the victory, the user gets MOOV tokens.


The current year has become a time of rapid development of move-to-earn projects. It’s hard to believe it, but now, to get tokens, you do not need to buy them on exchanges. It is enough to do the usual actions: walking, running, or dancing. And that’s great!

However, if you don’t want to spend a big amount of money on some virtual sneakers, you can simply buy different tokens on SimpleSwap.



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