Build a private blockchain ecosystem in minutes with this open source project

A new open source project called YobiChain enables anyone to build a private blockchain ecosystem preloaded with development tools, database, web & FTP servers and 4 full-fledged blockchain applications…. all within minutes!

  1. HashChain, a blockchain powered drag and drop solution for authenticating and verifying electronic records.
  2. PrimeVault, a blockchain powered document storage and retrieval system.
  3. PrimeContract, a blockchain powered system for digitally signing contracts.
  4. YobiWallet, a blockchain powered wallet for Yobicoins, a smart asset.

YobiChain is maintained by Primechain Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a young Indian blockchain startup.

YobiChain is ideal for:

Installing, configuring, securing, troubleshooting, updating, and maintaining a blockchain ecosystem (base operating system, configured instance of a suitable blockchain fabric, external databases, webservers, FTP servers etc.) is a complex and time-consuming task.

To download the code or to contribute to the platform, visit:

We have built YobiChain so that startups and researchers could get a blockchain ecosystem up and running in a few minutes”.

  • Startups looking to quickly build a blockchain powered prototype, proof-of-concept or minimum viable product.
  • Serious researchers / enthusiasts looking to experiment with a live blockchain.
  • In-house teams experimenting with blockchain technology.

Over the next few months, Primechain Technologies will be releasing several more open source projects which include blockchain powered solutions for auctions, authentication of land records, corporate finance book-running, depository receipts, digital signing and verification of contracts and other documents, escrow, fund portfolio management, healthcare, identity management, internet of things, micro insurance, peer to peer trading, regulatory reporting, securities servicing, securities settlement, supply chain management and e-voting.

Chief Blockchain Architect, Primechain Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Originally published at on March 27, 2017.

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