Blockchain Brawlers Crafting Game & BRAWL-O-SEUM NFT Explained

We would like to take the opportunity and step all players through how the Blockchain Brawlers Crafting Game will work.

There are many components to be mindful of as you contemplate what role and level of engagement you will want in the game after the Mining Phase ends, and the following may help you decide.

Ownership has its privileges!

If you own a BRAWL-O-SEUM NFT, you will be in the enviable position of being able to craft all the assets needed to participate in every aspect of the game moving forward.

In the existing PvP design, this includes crafting a pack that will contain one NFT in-game item. That pack will house a Playing Card, a Normal Move, a Finishing Move or a Taunt/Emote.

This role of our “Content Producers” is vital for the success and growth of our player base. We have no plans to sell anything that these NFT holders will craft.

All the Cards/Moves crafted via this Land Plot are NFTs, which players can sell/buy/hold/trade/blend. They will have a rarity assigned to them. The standard classifications will be present here (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary).

Also, all cards will have a small chance to be a Foil version. Yes, a Common Foil Card for your custom deck is a thing.

Does it do anything?

Yes, it sparkles and shines like no other!

The Cards/Moves can be upgraded through blending. We will use the 3–4–6–9 blend method. Three Common Cards/Moves can blend into one Uncommon Card of the same item as an example.

This means if you can accumulate 648 Commons Cards of the same asset, you can combine them to be a Legendary version of that Card or Move.

An example of a Common Finisher will be something along the lines of a “normal cover pin”, whereas the Legendary Finisher will be the ability to “play some sweet chin music” and separate your opponent’s head from their body, rock’em sock’em style.

The increase in rarity will show an appreciable difference in visual fidelity and spectacle. It will not give anyone a gameplay advantage. As previously stated, this will not be a pay-to-win game.

Choose Your Crafting Adventure

The crafting portion of the game itself will consist of three different crafting options.

There will be an Easy, low-cost, low-risk option that will basically allow you to successfully craft a Common pack anytime you want as long as you have not hit your production cap for the day.

There will be a Medium difficulty crafting option that will start off with high success crafting rates, but the success rate as you level up will decrease. This matters because the Medium option will generate the most level experience per crafting attempt.

The Easy path will generate a small amount of xp consistently, but the Medium option will be a range every time you attempt to craft a pack.

The Hard path will actually produce the most powerful card Packs, but grant zero experience points.

These Packs crafted via the “Hard” option will have a variance to the assets they contain. These variances are ever-increasing in the probability of high-level cards also improving as you level up.

Eventually, the card Packs will contain Epic and Legendary Cards based on a percentage chance. This utilizes mutable data.

Every time you level up your crafting experience, you are improving the contents of the Packs you are crafting. As an example, at Level 25, the Variance Pack will contain a Common Card or Move 99% of the time and an Uncommon Card 1% of the time.

But, at level 480 the Card/Move probability will be 54% Common, 20% Uncommon, 20% Rare, 5% Epic and 1% Legendary.

And when you reach the level cap of 1,000 the chance for your Packs to contain an Epic or Legendary Card will be 20%.

The experience levels themselves will come with designs, making some levels harder to get past and others easier.

All in all, it will probably take around 90 days to get to level 450 and closer to a year to hit the level cap of 1,000. This is our expectation, but that may change.

Again, here is where we use mutable data in an incredibly beneficial way for the BRAWL-O-SEUM owners.

The more you use your Crafting Pass, the higher the level it will attain.

The higher the level, the more powerful Cards and Moves it can craft. In other words, every single time you use it, the better. If you want to sell your level 823 BRAWL-O-SEUM, that is up to you.

The players will be able to sell or buy Packs directly in the game, so no need to go list them on a third-party site. The sellers can list the pack pricing in BRWL, Gold or WAXP as the settlement currency, but not a mix of any two or more currencies.

Inventory levels of Cards and Packs in the marketplace we can and will monitor to ensure there is an equilibrium between supply and demand.

If there are too few options for players to purchase, we have the ability to increase the production per BRAWL-O-SEUM holder. If there are too many cards to buy, we can increase our player acquisition efforts.

We do anticipate that in addition to our NFT Bridge for Binance, we will be building out other bridges to Ethereum, Ethereum-based Layer 2’s and other blockchain technologies. So there will be no shortage of crypto-savvy players onboarding into the game and need to purchase these coveted packs to get Brawling.

There are well over 40M crypto gamers currently playing Web3 games, and we will target them after the PvP game launches… when the time is right.

We are also working on building features and functionality that will increase the overall user experience. These types of features will also make it easier and more appealing when we start to bring in core gamers that will be interested in playing the game, once we integrate the PvP mode that Richard Garfield has designed.

The BRAWL-O-SEUM NFT will reap in-game benefits and value, and we will always be looking to increase the power, flexibility, and what it can craft in the weeks, months and years to come. Keep an eye out for us adding new recipes to be crafted by owning this asset.

Below is a chart of what the first 30 levels look like as you work to hit the cap. These numbers are subject to change but will give you an idea of what the progression will look like:

As always, hit us up in Discord if you have any questions, comments, or concerns



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