Blockchain Brawlers Patch Notes v0.4.0

As always, we’re working around the clock to make improvements and deliver the best user experience possible.

Today, we’ve officially released a series of important updates that include an all-new music player featuring 24 tracks, mobile gaming improvements and making it easier than ever to access BRWL on the exchange of your choice, and more.

The following v0.4.0 updates have been released:

  • Added a new music player HuD with the ability to cycle through 24 new tracks.
  • Added more options in the exchange tabs to buy BRWL. Now you can seamlessly access OKCoin, Huobi, Kucoin and
  • Added the build number version to the main screen of the game.
  • WebKit — Chrome (iOS) /Safari (MacOS, iOS) / Firefox (iOS) menu buttons are now all accessible and can be easily used.
  • When using the last match of a Gear, “BRWL Results Modal” displays rewards without Gear multipliers.
  • Improving CPU usage by refactoring Gold minting to go through pre-mint.
  • Updating error message consistency by changing the order of cooldown checks.
  • Fixed — Rounding Error when withdrawing BRWL.
  • Updated the withdrawal fee from 6% to 8%.

Stay tuned for more updates in the very near future — and always feel free to ask questions in Discord!




Meet the Blockchain Brawlers™, a ragtag brigade of high-flying heels that includes The Iron Pole, Crocodile Dundalk, Thuggernaut (to name a few) that’ll help you wrestle your way to NFT supremacy.

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