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3 min readApr 13, 2022

In Blockchain Brawlers, fashion is just as important as the moves you bring to the Ring. After all, you should look your best when driving an elbow into your rival’s face.

This month, WAX’s rowdiest play-to-earn (P2E) game is giving your Brawlers the chance to dress up, dress down or dress all around with the colorful and stylish SWAG Kits. These customization options are sure to please — you won’t want to miss out!

What is a SWAG Kit?

It’s all about the looks, baby!

The limited-edition SWAG Kit NFTs are used in crafting to customize your Brawler so they really stand out from the crowd. We’re talking about blindingly colorful spandex to dangerously cool shoulder pads and everything in between.

When applied to your Brawler, both the SWAG Kit NFT and the Brawler are burned to mint a new Brawler NFT that’s decked out in the new ‘fit. This process is irreversible, but we don’t see why you’d ever want to go back!

If you want the nitty-gritty details on how SWAG Kits function (and why they’re so awesome), check out our previous blog here.

Over the next six months, WAX will be releasing at least 15 limited edition SWAGs for you to collect. The first opportunity to get one is coming to the chain toward the end of this month, where you can purchase the “Shoulders & Spikes” SWAG Kit.

This Kit isn’t messing around — the dark aesthetic paired with the heavy chains and dangerously sharp spikes are sure to frighten anybody within a 50-yard radius.

If you own a Common, Uncommon, Rare or Epic Brawler, you’ll definitely want to check this out!

How to Get Yours

The extremely limited “Shoulders & Spikes” SWAG Kit promotion hits the market on April 28, at 7 am EST.

Whitelisted wallets that hold a Pink BattleTag will have dibs for the first hour, and then the remaining Kits will open to the public. The snapshot for the whitelist will take place 24 hours prior to the drop.

There are only 150 Kits available, and they’re sure to go fast as they will be free to claim.

*Giveaways are limited to 1 per wallet. Additionally, Kits are not pre-minted, making them a mint-on-demand opportunity.

After the drop, the Shoulders and Spikes SWAG will never be minted again! Don’t miss out on this epic opportunity and treat your Brawler to a well-deserved makeover.

Don’t have any Blockchain Brawler NFTs yet? Get the scoop on how to get started here.

Get out there, Brawlers!



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