The BRWL MALL Is Now Live!

As promised, BRWL utility is about to increase exponentially. And this is only the beginning.

Over the past few months, we have been incredibly candid in our blog posts about the challenges and order of operations the Blockchain Brawlers team have faced in launching the “Mining Phase” of the game and preparing for the “PvP Phase.”

Throughout these articles, we’ve spoken about the need to build tech and product features that are equal parts flexible (in their ever-growing utility) and scalable (enough to serve the large audiences we’ll need to accommodate). Often referred to as “foundational technologies,” our Leaderboards are the most recent example of this.

The next piece of foundational technology we’ll be releasing is a marketplace called the BRWL Mall, and we’ll be releasing it in two parts.

Introducing… the BRWL Mall

The BRWL Mall is the go-to place where players will be able to buy in-game items directly from the Blockchain Brawlers community using BRWL tokens. These items will be sold in limited quantities.

You can access the BRWL Mall directly within the game by selecting the bottom left hand tab next to Inventory.

This move clearly demonstrates just one of the ways we are exponentially increasing both BRWL utility beyond the “Mining Phase.” That’s why we’ve been telling y’all to HODL! Initially, the BRWL Mall will be selling Custom Frames and new Avatars. Next month, this will also be the place to score all future Swag Kits to deck out your Brawlers.

These are just a few of the in-game items that will be for sale to enhance your overall Blockchain Brawlers experience. To begin with, these decorator items will not be NFTs. Additional items will continue to be added to the BRWL Mall as they roll out. Once pack crafting is live, we’ll sell custom skins for your packs to allow for further customization.

In the near future, we’ll allow players to mint them on demand as NFTs to be sold on various secondary markets, including our very own in-game vIRL Market.

What Is vIRL Market?

The second part of the release will feature the integration of vIRL Market. Soon after going live, the team will move on to allowing players to list items on secondary marketplaces without the need to open up a whole new browser window.

And better yet, vIRL Market will accept WAXP, BRWL and Gold NFTs as the settlement currency. This means you’ll be able to list your items to be purchased by other players in whatever currency you prefer and at the prices you determine.

But wait, there’s more. The best part? vIRL Market is the only marketplace where you can list a game asset for sale and still use it in gameplay while waiting for a buyer. If that’s not cool, we don’t know what is. We call this capability a “Play-to-Own or P2O Sale.”

It’s Game On

As of today, the BRWL Countdown sits at about 36,600,000, which means more than 95% of the total BRWL supply has been mined. It won’t be long before the “Mining Phase” comes to an end.

Stay calm and keep HODLing! Things are about to get a heck of a lot more exciting in the days, weeks and months ahead.

And as always, keep your questions rolling on Discord and Twitter.



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