Crypto’s Creator Model

Exploring Ownership As a Design Choice

The Rules of the Internet Today

Current State of Creators

Ownership as a Design Goal

  1. User retention — an increase in user value is reflected in retention. Retention in crypto networks can rudimentarily be measured by count of token holders and participation. If early users are rewarded for their initial risk on the platform (with price appreciation) they are more likely to be embedded into the platform. New users experience a larger & potentially more useful network as early adopters bootstrap.
  2. Power user curves — crypto networks reward power users; those who contribute a ton of value to the network. Incentive mechanisms like yield farming and liquidity mining are examples of how this might deepen engagement with early user bases. The question comes down to the sustainability of these users over time.
  • Consumers buy digital art with key properties (e.g., digital scarcity)
  • In the future, secondary sales & transactions automatically share revenue with the digital artist and the owner of the art — ensuring both are rewarded.
  • A digital art gallery (e.g., online showcase) can be owned & controlled via a governance token, providing artists voting rights for key decisions such as listing artwork online

Enabling Ownership



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