Сhampion Сhests Updated

Champion Chests are a source of big excitement in the cutieneer community. You never know what prize you will get.

Champion Chests can be crafted with Champion’s Marks on the crafting page. Champion’s Marks are given to the cuties who win in the Tavern adventure.

Any Champion Chest is a very lucrative item available only to those players who have the strongest cuties or those who bought it on the market.

Every Champion’s Chest contains multiple items until you open it. If you disturb the chest it eats most of the items and leaves you only one.

Every item has a probability of it not being eaten.

New lower prices

As Champion Chests are so much fun we decided to decrease the crafting cost for them. The current rates are:

  • Champions Weapon Chest — 350 Marks
  • Champions Elixir Chest — 40 Marks
  • Champions Body Armor Chest — 100 Marks
  • Champions Head Armor Chest — 100 Marks
  • Champions Accessory Chest — 450 Marks
  • Champions Bracelet Chest — 100 Marks

New items in the chests

We have also put in two new awesome warrior sets for you to enjoy.

Please welcome the Viking set for cuties whose lifestyles include major fighting and drinking activities.

And the ronin set for cuties who prefer stylish sun protection and all natural materials.

All parts of these sets will be available in the according Champion’s Chests.

We can’t wait to see cuties rocking these new sets!
Unfortunately, items from those sets turned out to be delicious, so the probability that they will be eaten by the chest is quite high.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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