5 Cuties Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

The bearded cat

All the gold in the world can’t buy you victories against other Cuties.

Osiris The Egyptian God

The unfortunate space rabbit

Even space gear can’t save you from the Cutie claws. The mercilessness of some opponents is just unbearable.


The chosen one

You would think that being a chosen one can’t go wrong. Well, not today.


The boxer

Sometimes, even a great set of gear can’t save you. This dog is still in high spirits, even though today it had 16 losses in a row.

Cutie t180092

Cutie of the day

Guess who’s having the worst day ever. Someone who worked all day and got beaten 19 times in a row.

t181137 — A1 W1 E3

We hope that tomorrow will bring more luck to this five.

See you on the battlefield, Cutieneers!

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